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Our weather out here has been abnormal. The weather across the country is off. It's snowed in San Francisco twice in the last few years and just recently it was 100 degrees in Santa Cruz while it was only 80 here in the high desert on the same day. We're seeing Catagory 5 tornadoes - something we never saw when I was growing up in Kansas. One day it's 98 and the next it's 65. The East Coast is having a heat wave in February while the Southwest is getting snow in April.

I know a lot of people don't believe in "global warming" but I wonder how can so many of our most educated and brilliant scientists be wrong? Supposedly we are - or should be - heading towards another ice age but then why are the ice caps melting and the Polar Bears being evicted by Mother Nature? And are the honey bees really disappearing?

I'm very curious to see what other baby boomers think. After all, we've been around long enough to see weather pattern changes. We may even have a few relatives who've been around even longer. Just out of curiosity ask around and see what your friends and family think - what do you think? Let me know - let's see if the baby boom generation has a different take on the issue of "global warming" than the populace in general shall we?

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