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I just posted one of my Illustrated Retro Nano Stories - Heavy Metal Hip Replacement - and it reminded me of all the things I hoped/wanted to do with my life when I was still young and most of my life lay ahead of me.

I think we all make a list of things we want to be, things we want to do, people we'd like to meet or places we want to see at some point in our life. A recent movie, The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, was based on just such a list - you know, the list of things you'd like to do before "kicking the bucket".

I wanted to be a rock star - just for a minute because I can't sing my way out of a bucket - but I only made it onstage twice and that was folk singing. I wanted to be an archaeologist and the closest I got to that was watching Indiana Jones. I wanted to go on safari in Africa but settled for animal prints in my wardrobe.

I did manage to travel quite a bit of the world even though I never made it to Africa. I studied ancient civilizations and have seen some of the most impressive ancient architecture and several wonders of the world. I never dug up a rare treasure from past ages but I have
gazed in awe at the ancient beauty of the Acropolis, the pyramids of Giza, the ruins of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations and I have touched ancient stone petroglyphs that were carved into the rocks eons ago.

I never did become a rock star or even a roadie. It wasn't a real dream of mine anyway, just a fleeting itch to dress up like KISS and act out on stage while fire and brimstone rained all around me, lol. (Pssst, don't tell anyone - I'd still like to strut my stuff in black leather and grease paint - if only for one song - but maybe I'd do hot pink leather instead. . . .)

I never wanted to be a fireman, a ballet dancer, a cowboy or any of the other vocations that kids usually wish they could be, I only wanted to be an artist, and I have been a professional artist for nearly forty years. That fact alone has made me a very lucky person and made up for so many of the other things on my "bucket list" that I missed.

I also have a few years left to finish off my "bucket list". I might make it to Africa yet and maybe I'll dig up the missing link when I get there! You never know!

My point is this: Being over 50 is not the end of your life or your dreams. There's a lot of life left for most of us and maybe it's time to start dusting off those bucket lists and tending to our dreams again.

What's on your Bucket List?

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  1. Hi, Pop Art! I've been thinking about Bucket Lists ever since seeing the movie. Your post was very evocative for me. I think you and your readers might appreciate the powerful realizations I got from it in my responding post: Make This List Before Your Bucket List

  2. Joyce - I just read your response and it was wonderful!!!

    I encourage everyone who reads this post to make sure they read Joyce's too - it expands on mine in a great way!

  3. Hey, friend!

    I never knew you did so much traveling! I think we boomers were a very special generation of women--the first that had the freedom to sow our own wild oats and even do it overseas! I did the "hippy-dippy" bum around Europe thing for many years myself and would never give up that incredibly special time in my life.

    As far a a bucket list, I think one HAS to do new and exciting things after fifty. You've got to move and stretch yourself in ways that are challenging and excite you. Otherwise you might as well go ahead and kick it-life can get pretty dull if you just sit around and yearn for the good old days.

  4. Eileen - exactly, though I might be having to take a nap now - it doesn't mean I have to sleep away the remainder of my day!

  5. I'm still working on my list; in the meantime, stop by my blog for a little present!

  6. Loved the movie...but never done a bucket list...the way I procrastinate I will probably kick the bucket before I finish my list!!

  7. Cindy - lol, I hope not!


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