SOAPBOX SATURDAY - Wasting our Elders?

Bringing Baby Boomers Out of the Old Fogey Closet
A Meme for the Young Minded Over Fifty Crowd

Are We Wasting the Resources of our Elders?

It seems that many folks under 50 out there view those of us over 50 as wounded dinosaurs - slowing down the herd of humanity and getting in the way of progress. We are considered the still moving, but aging carcasses of another era that lag behind in the migration to the future. We are seen as "over the hill", not pertinent and not a desirable demographic.

Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth for those of us now reaching so-called "retirement" age. Baby Boomers came of age in a time of revolution and rebellion, we questioned authority, made our voices heard and eventually brought about social changes that literally changed the path of our history. And it was a bloodless coup using weapons of flower power and love beads.

The generation who empowered this revolution has not lost any of it's energy or passion. We may not be as loud but we still question authority. We're wiser, more experienced and more discerning so we pick our battles with care and we battle with more finesse. We still have great skills and talents to bring to the table, we can not only do our share we can teach others how to do theirs. And there are 74+ million of us out there available to add to the banquet of life just for the asking.

Those 74+ million Baby Boomers out there are a giant, golden resource of intelligence, wisdom, business acumen, life experience and "school of hard knocks" graduates. It's time to start tapping into that well.
Here are the rules:
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  1. Sign me up!!!
    I'm still blooming with flower power and sixties' spunk and know the rest of my generation are too. We were never ones to take a back seat and we will NOT move meekly and silently to the sidelines of society. We were, are, and always will be the grooviest generation to hit the planet. So let's dust off those protest signs and start speaking out!
    Boomer Power--here we come!

  2. Okay, everybody - I do know it's Sunday! I'm not quite that senile yet - Saturday just got away from me but better 6 days early than waiting for next Saturday!

  3. Eileen - where's your post??? The whole idea is for you to post about it too so people will read your post and comment and spread the word.

    Get to postin' girl!

  4. I think this is an awesome idea. I have an initial question...(I'm over-50 so I'm entitled, right?).

    When you say "post," do you mean on our own sites or on this one? I can leave comments here, but do not have authority to post to the blog.

    Thanks in advance for helping this WOOFer!


  5. Oh, I just read it again (for the third time!) and now I get it!

    I'll catch up with you on Saturday...

    In the meantime, you may want to check out my weekly blog at



  6. Diana - thanks for stopping by - I'm looking forward to your participation this Saturday!

    Loved your blog and the group one too!

  7. My answer is Don't Act Like a Dino! Read my complete response on my blog, Hot Flashbacks Cool Insights. Look for the new Cool Saging Conversations sidebar to the right and down from the post, “Affirmations: Part 2, Column 2.”


  8. I've never blogged before & recently I've read a book by JA Jance & our heroine in the story had a 'blog' site... so I thought I'd check things out. This blog site sounded intriguing since I too am over 50 (54) and loved the 70's... but I'm also pretty happy w/ today & where I am..
    looking forward to Saturday.

  9. Laney - welcome to blogging - which is web speak for web log (web+log=blog) originally kind of online journals. Now blogs seem to be the new wave for sites and have gotten very content rich.

    I hope to see you start a blog soon and hope you enjoy the Saturday Soapbox.

  10. I'm in! Though I'm technically in the younger-Boomer subcategory, Generation Jones (born in '54), I'm hoping you'll all overlook my materialism and give me a sorority bid. Don't hate me because of my still-skinned knees! I promise you I AM having power surges along with my acne!

  11. Marilyn - welcome to the fray! I'm a younger boomer too born in '51, but trust me I've got all the Boomer issues, lol.

    Looking forward to your contributions this Saturday!

  12. I'm a little late which is a little early for me, but I wanted to get a post up for this first one. I'll stop by and share a little soapbox linky love whenever I can, but I'm a very busy girl. Those old episodes of Mayberry RFD won't watch themselves, you know. Blog post up at http://mindovermullis.blogspot.com/
    This is a great idea! I'm happy and envious when somebody has one.

  13. Amy - hey, I was a little late with the first one too - I posted it Sunday, lol!

    Thanks for stopping by - over to read and comment on your post now.

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