SOAPBOX SATURDAY - Wasting our Elders?

Bringing Baby Boomers Out of the Old Fogey Closet
A Meme for the Young Minded Over Fifty Crowd

Are We Wasting the Resources of our Elders?

It seems that many folks under 50 out there view those of us over 50 as wounded dinosaurs - slowing down the herd of humanity and getting in the way of progress. We are considered the still moving, but aging carcasses of another era that lag behind in the migration to the future. We are seen as "over the hill", not pertinent and not a desirable demographic.

Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth for those of us now reaching so-called "retirement" age. Baby Boomers came of age in a time of revolution and rebellion, we questioned authority, made our voices heard and eventually brought about social changes that literally changed the path of our history. And it was a bloodless coup using weapons of flower power and love beads.

The generation who empowered this revolution has not lost any of it's energy or passion. We may not be as loud but we still question authority. We're wiser, more experienced and more discerning so we pick our battles with care and we battle with more finesse. We still have great skills and talents to bring to the table, we can not only do our share we can teach others how to do theirs. And there are 74+ million of us out there available to add to the banquet of life just for the asking.

Those 74+ million Baby Boomers out there are a giant, golden resource of intelligence, wisdom, business acumen, life experience and "school of hard knocks" graduates. It's time to start tapping into that well.
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