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I'm starting a new series of retro, sixties style pop art illustrations inspired by the great illustrations that were so popular when I was first learning to be an artist.

Growing up in the hippie era I was inundated with posters, album covers and images all around me like the ones below.

Then, of course, Peter Max (my pop art hero) exploded all over the sixties with his work and I immediately began to put felt tip pens to bear on my own versions of art like Peter Max's below:

If I turned in a paper at school there would be a little spot illustration at the top of the page, my Pee Chee folders were covered in mini Peter Max and Blue Meanie style doodles and my notebooks were filled with them.

I have always loved color so it's not surprising my work is extremely influenced by this iconic, bold and colorful style of art. I didn't call myself Pop Art Diva just because I needed a catchy brand name - I am a pop art diva, grown out of the soil of Andy Warhol, Peter Max, Lichtenstein, Sixties rock art, Disney and Dali - nutritional inspiration that fed my budding little artistic soul.

I've done a lot of art in my life, I've worked in a lot of mediums and styles, but I always come back to my first love of line, design and explosive color. It makes me happy, it makes me smile and it is the essence of my artistic dynamic.

RETRO SIXTIES POP ART SKY is actually the first stage of another illustration. I have taken this landscape style and used it as the interior to a series of classic guitar silhouettes. I've outlined a Gibson, a Martin, a Fender and a Les Paul guitar and have overlayed sections of this image into them to create the second part of this illustration. I'll post it up later this week.

I plan to do a whole series in this manner - create one large image then use that image within another for a double series of retro sixties pop art. Ideas are cramming my head so full I'm waking up in the middle of the night making notes!

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