For many of us fifty and over this is one of the hardest financial times we've ever faced. We are nearing retirement, ready to retire or have retired and BOOM! - our financial security has blown up right before our very eyes.

Many of us find ourselves in the very scary position of having to continue working when we had planned not to or, even worse, having to go back out and get a job in a job market that has traditionally tossed aside anyone in our age bracket.

It's a daunting and slippery prospect for anyone who has not had to contend with the job hunting process of searching, writing resumes and interviewing for several decades. Though I am self-employed I am not immune to this situation as I am constantly talking with boomer friends who are facing joblessness and are out there hitting the bricks in search of work and income in a very tight job market.

On top of this I discovered that looking for a job has changed completely in the years since most of us had to actually do just that! The way to find jobs, the resume writing formats and the interview process are not what they were in our early days of job hunting and without some insider knowledge most of us boomers are left out in the cold wasteland of employment opportunities without a clue.

I was recently hired to do the book cover design, the landing page and edit a new book by Mary Eileen Williams entitled "LAND THE JOB YOU LOVE - 10 Surefire Strategies for Jobseekers over 50". What I discovered opened my eyes to why so many of my friends and colleagues are still out of work. They are not prepared for today's job market and, as a result, they are unemployed.

Eileen's book LAND THE JOB YOU LOVE is written for those of us 50 and over who are out there competing in today's job market. She has taken her twenty years of experience as a job search specialist and career/life transition counselor and applied it to a comprehensive, step-by-step guide specifically aimed at job hunters 50 and over and her book takes you through every phase of the job search, resume and interview process of today's job market.

Here is an interview I did with Eileen on today's job market and the issues facing baby boomers dealing with that market:

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If you're 50 or older and you're out there looking for work, LAND THE JOB YOU LOVE is an invaluable resource, workbook and guide that will be the best investment you could make in your future employment.

If you're a baby boomer and you're still out there hunting for a job, please take a moment and check it out:

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