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Retro Sixties Style Music Pop Art

I have a thing for guitars. I learned to play an acoustic guitar when I was 13 because I had delusions of being a folk singer. Not a pop or rock singer - at least not then. NOW I'd like to be a rock star, lol. It might have something to do with getting back my youth but I really think it's because I still want to be "cool".

As close as I'm gonna get is with this fun and colorful Pop Art Guitar illustration. It's part of a new series of Retro Sixties Pop Art illustrations I've started for my website and online gift store.

I took my Retro Sixties Pop Art Sky illustration and used sections of it inside the silhouettes of some vintage classic guitars. I used a Fender, a Gibson, a Martin and a Les Paul for my silhouettes because they're the big guns of the guitar world. Once I got my four guitars done I decided to do another version with a reflection below. (I love that one, especially on black.)

I kept debating whether to insert some text - like Rock Forever or Rock On - but in the end decided against it because guitars are not just for rock and roll. Many of these great guitars have created some incredible jazz, blue, classical and country music. My pop art is very vintage sixties style art which speaks to rock but the happiness it imparts can be heard in all forms of music so why limit my audience?

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