Yesterday was my last birthday before the big 60 and I wanted to celebrate the end of my fifties. I've been thinking how I wanted to end my last birthday before turning 60 and posted 13 things I'd like to do a week ago.

Like I said, I celebrate my birthdays the whole month of January so I have a lot of time to do things! So far so good, I got a new microwave (number 8 on my list) , watched the new Star Trek again (as well as Julie & Julia - number 6 on the list) , will be going to Avatar this weekend (number 3) and have a date for my all-you-can-eat crab dinner (number 2)!
Yesterday was my actual birthday and I did a few more on my list plus some! Here's my itinerary and some photos from my day:

Drove to meet my friend Audrey over in the OC. Then did a cruise for old time's sake in my old stompin' grounds in Tustin (kind of a side trip of Number 4 on my list), we drove by my old house, stopped for breakfast in a great little French Bakery/Restaurant, stopped by Claro's Italian Market/Deli, walked through this lovely Unity Church Meditation Garden (amazing fountains, landscaping,a great Koi pond, plus luscious oranges and tangerines to munch right off the trees), I'd forgotten all about taking pictures until this point:

Then off to have my toes blinged, Number 11 on my list - Okay, you're gonna laugh, but I told you I wanted to bling my toes - everyone in the nail parlor was cracking up - I LOVE THEM, They're so Pop Art Diva, lol:

Then for Number 4 on my list - doodling around Newport Beach for a bit - the surf was really up (thanks to a tropical storm) and there was a larger number of surfers there than normal to take advantage of it:
Then Audrey and I started window shopping and hunting for a place for our seafood lunch (my number 2 was for a crab/seafood dinner) we had steamed clams because it just sounded good, garlic bread and I tried out this new Elderflower Martini at The Harbor Grill in Dana Point - believe me I'll be tweaking this one soon enough for The Martini Diva - it was really interesting, but it lacked a garnish! Seriously, at least drop in a lemon twist! Me? I would have garnished it with a candied edible flower at least!

I really hate it when restaurants come singing Happy Birthday to you at your table and Audrey did not tell them it was my birthday but our sweet waitress overheard us talking and quietly brought me this excellent cheesecake with a nice bit of raspberry coulee - sorry, we dug into it before I remembered to take the picture so A and I re lit the candle and did a birthday cheesecake rerun:

Then heading back towards the Irvine Spectrum to hit the gourmet cupcake store - a little later than we'd planned but perfect because it was dark and the SweetSpot Baker's Workshop is right by the Ferris wheel. It was all lit up and lent a nice carnival atmosphere to the decorating of my Gourmet Birthday Cupcake (number 10 on my list)- you can buy ready made cupcakes in a variety of flavors and/or you can buy plain ones and have at their decorating bar:

My cupcake ended up looking like a Cupcake Critter - I swear I could have done this all the rest of the night, serious artist foodie fun - take the kids, they'll love it:

I bought a few extra to thank my two neighbor/friends who babysat Pixel & Tink for the day. This whole new gourmet cupcake fad is what inspired me to do my new POP ART CUPCAKES:

So, there you have it, my 59th Birthday in a nutshell - no, no Disneyland this year. I really just wanted to have a day of little planned things and spontaneous surprises and that's just what I did!

Today I rest, tomorrow Lake Arrowhead! Okay, signing off - heading back into a cupcake coma.


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