13 Things I Want to Do on My Birthday

Next week is my 59th birthday. The last birthday before I turn sixty - SIXTY! If you're like me that is one big, ugly number staring back at you. I still feel like I'm sixteen sometimes and when I was sixteen SIXTY sounded very, very, very, very old to me. SIXTY still sounds old to me but I don't feel old - except for those times when the bones creak, lol.

This being my last birthday before that scary number I am planning on having a great birthday month. I don't just have a birth day, my birthday seems to spread out over the whole month of January because my friend's schedules can't always allow for getting together on my actual birthday. So, I will be having several birthday celebrations and doing a bunch of different things for my birthday. My friends always ask me what I want to do so below is my wish list for my 59th Birthday - don't worry, I'm not putting that Mediterranean cruise on the list in respect of everyone's 2009 damaged wallets, but don't be surprised if it shows up for the big SIXTY next year if 2010 is a great year!
  1. Disneyland - I want to go to Disneyland. I would like to make this a yearly tradition. Hey, maybe for the big SIXTY I'll take a Disney Cruise!
  2. All You Can Eat Lobster and Crab Dinner - I have been jonesing for seafood. My New Year's dinner was fresh crab and sauteed garlic shrimp with a nice fresh sourdough baguette and a pile of butter for all. I ate until I was full but I guess it wasn't enough because I still want to sit down to a table covered in crab and lobster claws.
  3. I want to see Avatar. I want to see Avatar in a movie theater with 3-D glasses. I can see most films on DVD via my TV, but some films just need to be seen in a theater with hi-def stereo surround sound, the smell of theater popcorn and with other people.
  4. I want to spend the day around Newport Beach. I spent my teen years burning my skin, checking out the lifeguards and getting sand up my wazoo at Newport and I'd like to just doodle around there for part of the day for a little nostalgia - though I figure the only thing that hasn't changed much is getting sand up the wazoo.
  5. Pajamas made from the same stuff as the aloe infused socks I got from a friend for Christmas. My friend Cindy just gave me two pairs of THE SOFTEST SOCKS I have ever felt. In fact these socks are softer than anything I've ever felt. Oh man, you just sit there and stroke them - and the way they feel on your feet! I want that company to make pajamas - no, I want that company to make a full line of clothing. I'd never put anything else on again. I suspect this is a vain wish but there it is.
  6. The new Star Trek Movie DVD. I thought this new movie about the original Star Trek characters was excellent. They really got actors that fit - especially Spock. Plus it was greatly entertaining with a good story line, great lines and good fx.
  7. High Tea. I fell in love with high tea ages ago when I first went to a high tea at The Fairmont in San Francisco. The Fairmont has been serving High Tea for over 100 years now - they kinda got it down, but since I'm in Southern California I'll have to find somewhere here - anyone know a good place in Orange County, the Inland Empire or the Palm Springs area?
  8. A Microwave. My stupid microwave just quit last night. Stupid microwave. That's the cost of a good all you can eat seafood buffet!
  9. A full day at the movies. I have a few friends who will go to the movies, pay for one then watch two or three! Okay, this is kinda stealing or cheating but I'd like to try it just once to see if I can get away with it. Providing, of course, my aching back can stay the course and they have refillable popcorn and drinks.
  10. I want a Gourmet Cupcake Birthday Cake. I just did the most adorable Pop Art Cupcakes for The PopArtDiva Gift Gallery and every time I look at my cupcakes I want to eat them. I want to try a bunch of different flavors of the hot new gourmet cupcakes - mango, spicy chocolate - they got a bunch of them now.
  11. I want a Mani-Pedi with sparkly toes. Not a French manicure this time - something with color and dragonflies or butterflies and itty bitty rhinestones embedded - Bling is what I'm looking for!
  12. I want the new DROID phone. I love technology and I really love all the cool stuff these newest phones can do. I haven't checked out Google's new phone yet. Anyone wanna chime in on it? No, I don't want and iPhone because I don't want AT&T service and the unlocked iPhones have issues.
  13. I want to be thirty again. Oh well, this is a wish list after all. I'd settle for feeling thirty most of the time.


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