Thursday Thirteen - 13 Reasons why I love my dog better than most people


I have loved animals since I was a kid. I always had something as a pet, first those little chameleons you got at the circus, then chickens for Easter, then a turtle (named Barbara - why? I have no idea - I couldn't tell it was a girl!), then kittens and the family dog.

As I grew older I got a cockatiel named Tinkerbell, then my wonderful Shadow - a cockapoo, and then I got my little Peter Pan, a male cockatiel to keep Tinkerbell happy. I was awash those days in cocky pets.

The one thing I found was that my pets were always there for me - especially those of the canine persuasion. Dogs truly are the most devoted creatures. Though Tinkerbell was quite affectionate in her own little birdy way.

I now share my home with Pixel, the only family I have left. She is my child, my boon companion and my buddy. I prefer her company to many humans I have encountered and here's why:

  • Pixel, my little 9 pound Yorkipoo, is really adorable - as you can see from her picture. Most people aren't that cute and fuzzy - and if they are fuzzy that is not a positive!
  • Pixel doesn't talk - yes, she "speaks" but she doesn't talk so that means she's not constantly yapping in my ear, droning on about something boring or stupid, unlike a lot of people I've had the displeasure of listening to.
  • Pixel doesn't need a wardrobe, a college fund or a curfew which makes her a lot better than having kids. Though she does have some really cute clothes, she is well behaved and litter box trained and she's always on a leash - by law you probably can't do that with kids.
  • Pixel is trained to get me things and pick up my trash. Yes, I send her for things like my remote control, a pack of cigarettes (stacked nicely on the floor for her to reach), and papers that I tossed at the trash can and missed. If you have a person who does that you have to pay them - a lot! Pixel does it for a cookie!
  • Pixel is smart - she does tricks, learns quickly and is happy to be entertaining. It would be nice to have a husband like, wouldn't it?
  • Pixel keeps my feet warm on cold nights. I guess a person would do that too, but you'd have to have a way bigger bed.
  • Pixel does my dishes. I can put my plate down on the floor and, slurp, in a flash it's completely clean! For some reason I have never managed to talk a human into that. . . .
  • Pixel doesn't take up a lot of room - she's only 9 pounds and most of that is fuzzy, plus she can roll up into a teeny ball about the size of a large cantaloupe. Try doing that with a person - you get jail time smooshing a people into something the size of a melon!
  • Pixel is a good kisser, she's not slobbery at all. I can't say that for 90% of the men I dated.
  • Pixel is polite, she can shake hands, give high five and wave goodbye at the proper times and she doesn't interrupt too much. Try saying that about most of the people you encounter - rudeness is an ever increasing human trait!
  • Pixel likes everyone - really likes everyone. People do a lot of griping about other people.
  • Pixel plays well with others. People go to war.
  • Pixel loves me without comment, without reservation and with no limits. She is always there with a wagging little stumpy tail, a doggy hug and a nice little doggy kiss. People always want you to be what they want you to be - not what you really are.

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For my first Old School Friday post I decided to go back to my roots of teen romance - junior high! This song is the sequel to one of my favorites from those days of teen angst!

This is the ultimate make-up song for me because it's about getting a boyfriend back when he ditched you for someone else! "It's Judy's Turn To Cry" by Leslie Gore, sequel to "It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To" posted below so you won't miss any of the teenybopper anguish!

This meme was developed by
Marvalus View and Ms. Grapevine. The rules are simple:

1. Anyone can participate; any music genre

2. Old School is defined as music created before 1999

3. No offensive words allowed, please use edited radio version

4. Post a video of your favorite Old School song to take us back down memory lane

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6. Have fun & don't forget to leave comments for other participants

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Thirteen Things about PopArtDiva, the artist formerly known as Terri Dennis

Since this is my first Thursday Thirteen "issue" I'd like to say Howdy to all the other Thirteeners out there and thanks for stopping by! You guys make blogging fun. And thanks to Malcolm of Pop Culture Dish for introducing me to all of you!

Thirteen things I loved or needed that I can't get anymore:

  • Banana flavored Fudgesicles - no chocolate in them, they were banana flavored. I loved those things.
  • Tom's Candy - Chicken Legs. These were peanut butter crunch sticks rolled in toasted coconut. Probably a good thing I can't find them anymore - bad for teeth!
  • Hula Hoops - I used to swing 4 at a time on my skinny little butt. My butt's 5 times as big now and I'll bet I couldn't manage one at a time - but man, this was a fun fad!
  • Nose plugs - I used these for swim meets. I do have to admit that I really haven't looked for any but they're not showcased in the corner drugstore anymore. And that brings me to
  • The corner drug store. No, not those big chains, the small independent little drug store that was owned by your friendly neighborhood pharmacist. This stores always had the weirdest and most fun stuff in them for some reason! Halloween was a great time of year in these corner shops!
  • Chocolate Egg Cream Sodas - There is nothing, absolutely nothing out there that tastes like a chocolate egg cream soda made at a real soda fountain!
  • Candy Lipstick - not those new ones in a plastic tube - the old fashioned ones in a gold foil wrapped paper tube. I used to eat those until I got sick and I often wonder if they would taste the same to me nearly 50 years later.
  • Free Halloween Candy from Trick or Treating - This was my favorite thing to do on any holiday - it beat Christmas and my birthday. I loved dressing up in costumes and getting huge bags full of free candy. Alas, because of freaks and bad people, this is entertainment of a bygone era. Sad.
  • Regal Crown Sours - Fifty years ago this was the only sour candy available and the cherry was my favorite. Nothing today compares to these.
  • Ben and Jerry's Rain Forrest Crunch Ice Cream - why, oh why Ben and Jerry?
  • A good TV Western series - whatever happened to the Western on TV? Maverick, Bronco, The Rifleman, Bonanza - even mini-series like Lonesome Dove (my all time favorite western).
  • A PeeChee folder - remember writing all over them, papers falling out as you ran home from school, how ragged and torn they got by the end of the year? Now all the folders are plastic
  • A hug and a kiss from my parents, a phone call from my sister, a welcoming bark and a wet kiss from my little Shadow, Tinkerbell landing on my shoulder and a blood drawing bite from my little Peter Pan. Of all the things I miss, these are the things I miss most in my life now.

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I just went to see the new Batman movie - mostly because I was a big Heath Ledger fan, but also because I have enjoyed the new movies based on the comic books that I grew up with in the fifties.

In the sixties there was a resurgence of the popularity of comics with a series of campy television shows like Batman with Adam West and Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter. We even saw a dance in 1966 called "The Batman" - you jiggled around like an idiot and pulled two fingers across your eyes one hand at a time - but only the truly dorky did that. (This were the same dorks who did "The Jerk").

There was Superman, of course, in the fifties with George Reeves, and then Lois and Clark in the nineties with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. Superheros pop up every so often - they're part of American Mythology after all.

But there's always one that most people forget and it was one of my favorites. The Green Hornet with Van Williams in the title role - and that was the show that gave Bruce Lee his first starring role as Kato, faithful manservent and wingman to Britt Reid/The Green Hornet.

Now here's an interesting little bit of trivia on The Green Hornet - he was the Great Grand Nephew of The Lone Ranger, according to the creator of both - George Trendle! Betcha didn't know that?

Here's a little bit of Superhero action, campy but fun:

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My friend and Queen Diva of the Baby Boomer Diva Nation, Beverly Mahone, just posted a great story on her new blog about how times have changed in the last 40 years as far as television and how it has changed in regards to race discrimination.

It is amazing to look back and see how "white" television was in those days - even with regards to music that was created by our African American culture! We have come a long way but we still have a very long way to go! At least we have "color" television these days and not "black and white"!

Bev also posted a great video on the very young duo of Sonny and Cher - talk about changes! If I hadn't been a big Cher fan I might not have recognized that young girl with the heavy black eye liner, long straight bangs and Roman nose!

But I am a big, big fan of Cher - A woman who has risen from the ashes of pop culture fads gone by, Hollywood trends gone teeny-bopper, and society's backwards strictures on women.

Cher is a classic, a true pop culture icon and a model for women who think a man is necessary for success. Cher did it all bigger and better by herself and became a legend doing it. And she did it in some of the coolest clothes!!!!

Here's Cher singing one of my very favorite songs of hers and wearing one of those great stage costumes that I so love on her:

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A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME - Now, don't name your kid Moon Crater!

Some people would say that a name is simply a label, we give people names so we're not yelling "hey you" at everyone and we call things names so we can more easily ask someone to get us stuff and not have to get off the couch.

There are those who would say that a name carries no meaning, but go tell that to someone who's name is Dick, Gaylord, Pansy, Cherry, Peter, Herman or Henrietta.

Actually all names have a meaning, they are derivations of root words from cultures and history. Some have wonderful meanings, some not so much. But whatever the name - if it's not currently popular that name can cause a child great anguish - and sometimes carry that anguish into adulthood.

In my day really cool names for girls were Pam, Christine/Christina (Tina!), Amber or Candy. I got stuck with Theresa, nicknamed Terri (the fairy) and on top of that my last name was Dennis (the Menace).

I hated my name, even changed it to Stacey (short for Anastasia, my maternal grandmother's name) for a short time in eight grade. That never stuck and so I was stuck with Terri. Both my names are masculine sounding and I still get mail addressed to Mr. Terry Dennis - mail that immediately goes into the trash. Hey! If you can't even figure out I'm female you got nothing I want to read in that envelope! I often wonder if my name was at the root of my tomboy behavior.

I wonder how many of us have been given a moniker that we can't stand or that we have suffered over for decades?

So, before you name your fresh faced little baby Cosmo or Myrtle, stop and think about just how that name will affect their lives. Don't forget to put both the names together! Do you really want to name your child Rose Bush or Rocky Cave???

Most popular boy/girl baby names in 1950 according to the U.S. Social Security Administration:

1. James / Linda
2. Robert / Mary
3. John / Patricia
4. Michael / Barbara
5. David / Susan
6. William / Nancy
7. Richard / Deborah
8. Thomas / Sandra
9. Charles / Carol
10. Gary / Kathleen

Now, here's their list from 2007:

1. Jacob / Emily
2. Michael / Isabella
3. Ethan / Emma
4. Joshua / Ava
5. Daniel / Madison
6. Christopher / Sophia
7. Anthony / Olivia
8. William / Abigail
9. Matthew / Hannah
10. Andrew / Elizabeth

Now, you know why I have branded myself as PopArtDiva. . . . .

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Today I did my very first stint as a radio show host on Blog Talk Radio. The show is a Retro Pop Culture Talk Show called "TRIPPIN' DOWN MEMORY LANE" where you get to add your two cents worth (That would be about six dollars in todays market!)

Today was a round-house discussion of random memories - a fun blast to the past that I cajoled, blackmailed and begged a few friends to help me with. We ended up having a great time talking about our "formative" years and comparing generations. You can listen to the archived show on my profile.

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After my post on the 4th of July I received a lot of questions about the rules and etiquette regarding flying the official flag of the United States - the Stars and Stripes - particularly regarding half mast or half staff.

My father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and many of these rules were drilled into my head - especially during the sixties! I never forgot what he told me:
"You may not agree with what the government is doing, but the flag represents more than the administration currently holding office. It stands as a symbol of what this country was created for and it stands for all those who suffered and died protecting those ideals."
As a result of what my father said, though I may do a piece of artwork or post a blog complaining about the politics and politicians of the day, when I display the flag of the United States I give this symbol of what our nation stands for the respect it deserves and I always will. I believe we must always remember to separate the ideals of this country from those who are temporarily holding sway over those ideals.

With that said, here are a few more facts on flying or displaying the flag at half mast:
  • The Stars and Stripes should be flown at half-mast to honor the death of a national or state figure and this should be ordered by the Governor of a particular state or the President of the United States.
  • You may see a city, organization or business flying the U.S. flag at half mast for the death of an employee or member and the federal flag code does not prohibit this practice; however, it would be better flag etiquette to fly the city flag or business flag at half mast on a seperate pole and keep the U.S. flag at full mast until an order from the Governor or President has been issued. When the United States flag is flown at half-staff, State and other flags should be flown at half-mast as well or removed altogether.
  • The flag is flown at half mast for 30 days after the death of a President or former President, and for ten days after the death of a Vice President, Chief of Justice or a retired Chief of Justice or the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • The flag is flown at half mast until the burial of an associate justice of the Supreme Court, secretary of a military department, a former Vice President, or the governor of a state, territory, or possession.
  • The flag is flown at half mast on the day of and the day after the death of a member of Congress.
  • On Memorial Day the flag is flown at half-mast until noon, then raised to full mast until sundown.
  • For flags that can't be lowered the American Legion says that attaching a black ribbon or streamer to the top of the flag is an alternative, and the ribbon should be the same width as a stripe on the flag and the same length as the flag.
You may download The United States Flag: Federal Law Relating to Display and Associated Questions here: http://senate.gov/reference/resources/pdf/RL30243.pdf



While you're setting fire to sparklers and firecrackers, eating hot dogs and hamburgers and getting bit by mosquitoes -

There are five cities in the U.S. with FREEDOM in their names, the largest with a population of 6,000 is Freedom, California

There is one Patriot - in Indiana.

There are eleven cities with INDEPENDENCE in their name - the largest being Independence, Missouri.

Francis Scott Key wrote the STAR SPANGLED BANNER, which is our national anthem, just in case you didn't know that.

The National bird is the Bald Eagle.

Our National Motto: "In God We Trust"

Our National Flower is the Rose.

Calvin Coolidge, our 30th President, was born on the Fourth of July.

Two Presidents, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, died on the Fourth of July.

Congress declared the Fourth of July a national holiday officially in 1941.

There are 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence:


Display the flag only between sunrise and sunset on buildings and stationary flagstaffs. The flag may be displayed for twenty-four hours if it is illuminated between sunrise and sunset.

Do not display the flag in inclement weather.

Whether displaying the flag vertically or horizontally, make sure the canton of stars is visible on the upper left-hand side.

Do not let the flag touch the ground, floor or water.

An unusable flag that is damaged and worn and should no longer be displayed and should be destroyed by burning.

When not on display, the flag should be respectfully folded into a triangle, symbolizing the tricorn hats worn by colonial soldiers in the Revolutionary War.

When flown at half-staff, the flag is raised to the top of the flag pole then lowered to half-staff. When taken down, the flag is again raised to the top and then brought down.

If the flag is flown upside down it signals distress. It is an S.O.S.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO NEVER RECITED IT IN SCHOOL, HERE IS THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE - If in uniform you salute, if in civies you hold you hand over your heart as you recite:

I pledge Allegiance to the flag,
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic,
for which it stands,
one nation under God,
with Liberty, and Justice for all!

Here's a little fireworks for you if you can't go see any or, if it's too dry and dangerous for them, like here in Arizona:

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