I just went to see the new Batman movie - mostly because I was a big Heath Ledger fan, but also because I have enjoyed the new movies based on the comic books that I grew up with in the fifties.

In the sixties there was a resurgence of the popularity of comics with a series of campy television shows like Batman with Adam West and Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter. We even saw a dance in 1966 called "The Batman" - you jiggled around like an idiot and pulled two fingers across your eyes one hand at a time - but only the truly dorky did that. (This were the same dorks who did "The Jerk").

There was Superman, of course, in the fifties with George Reeves, and then Lois and Clark in the nineties with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. Superheros pop up every so often - they're part of American Mythology after all.

But there's always one that most people forget and it was one of my favorites. The Green Hornet with Van Williams in the title role - and that was the show that gave Bruce Lee his first starring role as Kato, faithful manservent and wingman to Britt Reid/The Green Hornet.

Now here's an interesting little bit of trivia on The Green Hornet - he was the Great Grand Nephew of The Lone Ranger, according to the creator of both - George Trendle! Betcha didn't know that?

Here's a little bit of Superhero action, campy but fun:

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