Everything Old is New Again - Bobble Head Doll Revival

Bobble head dolls are all over the place these days. Mostly sports figures, but I have seen pop culture icons. I found a site that has Betty Boop Bobble Heads and one had on a poodle skirt which was exactly what I needed to make myself into a Bobble Head Doll for my website.

I've had a set of Beatles Bobble Heads for almost 43 years. I won them on KRLA radio station when I was 13. I'd forgotten I had them until I sold the house after my father passed away. There they were along with my Howdy Doody Boy Scout Puppet, my Hop-A-Long Cassidy signed photo, and other memorabilia from childhood. I kind of thought they were cool and they now sit on top of my CRT monitor just bobbing away and keeping my past alive.

I remember when I won them I thought they were dorky even though I was a big Beatles fan, now I love them. Funny how time gives you a different perspective.