GAS - Either Way You Deal with Bloat!

I have been hearing gasoline is going up another thirty cents a gallon (because of the broken pipeline, the conflict in the Middle East or just plain greed...). So far, we here in Arizona haven't seen it yet but I'm sure it's coming.
Sadly, every time I shove my plastic into that slot at the gas pump I remember gas being twenty-five cents a gallon when I was just getting my driver's license. I wish I could remember what bread cost or knew what my parent's paid for the house mortgage, but I think it might be a good thing I can't remember because just the difference in gasoline prices in 40 years makes me sick.
I dislike having anything artifically price inflated - it gives me gas! Overpriced fashion items that flaunt some celebrities name, perfume that carries the name of the latest dim-witted starlet (or even stud muffin!),etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But in this ad infested world we are prisoners of our own avid and unnecessary consumerism and maybe we deserve to be milked for our discretionary income if we allow ourselves to fall prey to this type of capitalism.
When it comes to the necessities, however, we should not be duped, lied to or manipulated into artificially high price gouging. We live in a motorized world in this country. We do not have any decent mass transportation in place. Most of us work or attend school too distant to bike or walk. We are at the mercy of our cars and the costs of maintaining them.
We need gas and there's no quick answer or solution to that. But we don't need bloat. I think it's time we found an Alka Seltzer for the oil companies and all those in cahoots with them!
Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a big lie it is!