MARTINI TIME Colored Pencil Art

A little Colored Pencil Cocktail Fun

A contemporary colored pencil illustration of two over lapping martini glasses with an olive garnish against a cocktail shaker in brilliant colors for the happy hour enthusiast. Perfect for the bar and sure to bring a splash of color to cocktail time.

I had to take a little break from my "Alice Through The Cooking Class Series"  so I decided to do a little cocktail art. I approached this drawing a little differently than usual.  I had several elements of the illustration overlapping which meant I had to do some calculation of the colors and I did it as I worked on the piece.  It was a challenge and fun exercise in color theory.

Here's a view of the work at the beginning of laying down the colored pencil.

is available for sale (shipping included!) at my Etsy Store! 
where you can read more about the original piece and get the specifics.

Martini Time on A Set of 6 Coasters


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