About PopArtDiva

"I follow wherever my muse leads me then splash color all over it."

I am Terri aka The Pop Art Diva™ aka The Martini Diva™. I am a Normal Challenged Artist™ with (MCD) Multiple Creativity Disorder and a passion for creating all types of art, designing jewelry and concocting cocktails.

My life is all about creativity. Whether it be art, jewelry design, cocktails or living, I look for ways to color my world happy. It's all about being positive, taking the challenges life hands me and turning them into inspiration for my art, my hand-painted watercolor necklaces, my one-of-a-kind cocktail picks, my cocktails and my life. It's a philosophy of taking a zen like approach to what the world deals out to me with a handful of pens and pencils, a brush full of paint, a handful of jewelry parts or a cocktail shaker then creating moments of serenity within a world of confusion.

I live in Tucson with my cream tabby, Bailey, lots of cacti and assorted desert critters.