YOU HAD ME AT MERLOT Colored Pencil Wine Art

Yes, I had a little fun with the wine label, I couldn't stop myself from the pun.

A colorful colored pencil illustration of an open bottle of Merlot, a glass of the red wine and the deep purple and burgundy red grapes of the vintage against a striped peach and sage background with a border of deep blue violet and lavenders. Perfect for wine lovers, wineries and vinophiles who appreciate the art of the grape.

YOU HAD ME AT MERLOT presented some fun challenges for me, both of them involving the rendering of glass. The wine in the wine glass wasn't too difficult but getting that wine in the bottle was a bit more of a challenge in color mixing as I had to show the deep burgundy of the wine through a deep green bottle.  I solved the problem by doing both the wine in the glass and the bottle together then rendering the green glass bottle over the wine.

Believe it or not, the grapes took nearly as long to do as both the glass and bottle of wine!

is available for sale (shipping included!) at my Etsy Store!
where you can read more about the original piece and get the specifics.

YOU HAD ME AT MERLOT on a Customizable Wall Clock

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