1. MAKE A JACKSON POLLOCK PAINTING - click "Enter Jackson Pollock.Org and start dragging your mouse around - double click and you change color! You'll get something like the banner I did for this week's Thursday Thirteen. Go forth and be creative!
  2. CREATE YOUR OWN FLOWER - Everyone will love this, even those of you who say you can't draw a straight line can make a beautiful "flower" - I did the one below in about 2 minutes - have fun!
  3. ORIGAMI NOW - this is really cool. Videos that walk you through making origami sculpture. Very soothing and you get to keep what you do - bring some pretty paper!
  4. SUBSERVIENT CHICKEN - This is a real guy in a chicken suit - you type in a command and see what he/it does (pssst, don't tell anyone but I typed in "fart" "pee on the chair" and "send me a check for five million dollars" omg, roflmao - THEN I told it to "do Elvis" and "dance like a Rockette" hehehe, still laughing).
  5. SCREAMING BEANS - trust me, just keep clicking!
  6. BUBBLE WRAP- exactly what it says it is, a sheet of bubble wrap that you pop until your pooped. Fresh sheets of bubble wrap at no charge, lol!
  7. SOMEONE STOLE MY LETTERS! - OMG, you and other people are all moving these refrigerator magnet style letters around at the same time, hilarious! I kept messing with someone trying to spell "hello" hehehe.
  8. FALLING SAND - Weird but fun once you get the hang of it - tools are at the bottom of the window - the fun one is the one marked ??? - hehehe, don't do this at work!
  9. IDIOT TEST - fun - if you don't turn out to be an idiot, lol!
  10. HORSE QUARTET - click to activate and deactivate each equine singer. Great for kids and bored employees.
  11. STUFF ON MY CAT - I just became a cat owner so this was cute and entertaining.
  12. SAMOROST - if nothing else the music will relax you, hehe.
  13. TUMBLE THE TEDDY BEARS - simple, you knock 'em down they jump back up. Good for about 2 minutes unless you're under 5. . . .I spent 15 minutes there, lol!

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  1. What a great list; looking forward to lunch time and some origami!

  2. Now I lost my time to check all this, lol ! Put stuff on my cats I knew of course (due to my 5 cats !)
    But the drawing things are really great ! thanks for the tips, I put them in my favourites to loose time later !

  3. Donna - The origami one is just great for stress reduction and then, being an artist, I take my little creations and turn them into mobiles!

    Gattina - Yeah the Jackson Pollock one sucks hours of my time when I go there (so I don't go there often, lol)

  4. My kids would probably love the origami site. They love making things from paper.

    Regarding your comment on my blog, I don't watch movies in the theatre. I just download them for free from the net [rapidshare] and watch it at home.

  5. Man, I wish I had time to kill. Time wasters have really improved since the not-so-distant Oceangrams!

  6. Jo - I'd appreciate that link to Rapidshare - I googled it but it looks like a file/web hosting site.

    Susan - haven't they? Like we need somewhere else to go to waste time, lol.

  7. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I had a BLAST! Now I have to chase after that lost half an hour. I had been to the first two and loved them. Now I have some new places to loiter.

  8. Anon - you only lost half an hour? You're a better person than me - I lost half an hour on the Pollock site alone, lol.

  9. Fun list, but don't you mean 13 MORE...?

  10. What an absolutely fantastic gathering of sites!! Time wasters are high on my list of things to do when I'm either stressed out or procrastinating. I'll be checking each and every one out as soon as I find some time to waste. Hey--what better way can you spend a weekend!

    Thanks, Ms. Pop Art Diva!!!

  11. 3 - yes, I should have said "more" lol!

    Eileen - I use these just for the purpose of relaxation - the Pollock one is particularly meditative for me.

  12. Oh, your post is dangerous today. I don't need any more ways to waste time, but I might have to visit a few of these site. Thanks, I think. :)

  13. Brenda - this was actually last weeks TT but it's still dangerous, lol.

  14. Thanks for all that -- Especially liked your post on a Typical Sunday in the 50s (Feb 08). Often wish there was a way to get back -- and I will have to read Clarks's "Childhood's End" (don't know how I missed). YES! I remember the "Duck and Cover" movie as well - thank god we knew what to do if we ever saw that flash!!!

    So after wasting a perfectly good hour reading your blogs I do want to thank you for reminding me of my crush on Annette Funicello, Saturday nights hoping Ricky Nelson would sing (though even then I knew James Burton had the BEST job in the world!), the horror of school dances, etc. Baseball, American Bandstand, Sing Along With Mitch, Lawrence Welk, and creamed tuna on toast after church. Quite a time.
    And I would take you up on that origami thing, but my hobby is scratching building railroad related architecture of the Pere Marquette and Michigan Central railroads from Saginaw MI (and seeing 'Tom and Jerry' perform at the YMCA one Friday night).

    Thanks so much AKAEC

  15. Marcus - wow, a whole hour? But did you have to say "wasted"???? LOL, at least you read several blogs and I'm glad you enjoyed them - I think I'll go back and read my Typical Sunday in the Fifties post for a hoot.

    Sending a big "Annette" style wave!


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