Nostalgic Memories Light The Corners of My Mind

Today's theme for Old School Friday is "My current mood is. . ." which is kind of perfect for me this week because I am awash in nostalgia, memories and bittersweet reminders of my family as I go through photos and family heirlooms I haven't seen in over 12 years. The last time I saw these photos and objects was just after my father passed away. After his funeral I packed up lifetimes of their memories and mine, sold my house and went on the road doing art shows cross country - I put all my sadness and memories in boxes and packed them away.

Above is a photograph of me at about age seven learning how to ride a "big girl" bike. I was quite proud of myself for having mastered the skill and totally unaware that my mother was hanging onto the bike in case I wobbled and tipped over. This photo was taken just before my Mom got pneumonia and almost died. Maybe that is why this photograph is one that I could always see in my mind these last 12 years when I didn't have the actual photos to linger over.

By the way, I've mentioned several times here that I had a goofy haircut as a kid and now you get to see it in all it's dorky glory - those mid brow bangs and the little wonky curls all around. I'd forgotten totally about the plaid pants and maybe I should have been more upset at those, lol.

I am awash in images and memories of Mom, Dad, my sister, my little Shadow, Tink & Petey, friends and loved ones that have left my life but not my heart. I hope you'll forgive my indulgence in some chick flick girl music to accompany my trip down a photographic Memory Lane.

My current mood ranges between sadness at the loss of my family and a kind of aching nostalgia for the memories of our times together. Memories truly are lighting the corners of my mind today.

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  1. Your life runs so parallel with mine in so many ways. I believe that we were born in the same year. I totally understand where you are coming from. You have a friend here.

  2. Must be something in retro grade! Let's keep our fingers crossed and our positive attitudes up!

    I bought 4 lottery tickets to give the Universe a chance to solve all my troubles, lol!

  3. I put all my sadness and memories in boxes and packed them away.

    Very poignant--whether literal or figurative or both. Thanks for sharing your story. I love family stories, believing we can learn so much about each other through their telling.

    Bravo about your choice of Barbra. As you saw, she was one of my pciks this week as well. She manages to get so much emotion (TRUE emotion) into each word she signs...

    Well, thanks for your own encouraging words over at my spot. May I repeat similar ones to you: Keep all of this alive in your heart. As an artist, I know you probably already use these feelings in your work. "Keep you head to the sky!"

  4. That's such a beautiful song. I went home to New Orleans to visit family and I didn't want to leave. I didn't realize how much I miss being close to family.

    I don't see a "dorky" haircut.

  5. PPR - Barbra's voice has been one that has often sung to me during many times of sadness, gladness, pain and joy. As you said, she fills the music with an emotion that not many vocalists possess anymore and her range and vocal power are almost unmatchable. The minute I saw the meme theme, this song came to mind and with Barbra's and only Barbra's voice.

    Let's both of us stay positive and believe our talents will be our salvation as they always have been!

    Hagar - you must have missed the dorky haircut because you were blinded by the dorky plaid pants? LOL.

  6. OMG! My mom used to cut my bangs all short like that, and then she gave me terrible home perms. Didn't we all have dorky hair back then?! Soooo embarrassing! I love how the stuff is popping out of your head on your avatar, so much better than a bad hairdo! lol. I learned how to ride a bike the same way only it was my brother Dan holding the back, when he let go I thought he was still there. I was too afraid to turn around and I was chattering and when he didn't answer I turned around, and when I saw he wasn't there, I fell. But I got back on and it seemed like magic that I could ride.

    This was a sad, but a beautiful post Terri.

  7. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your mixed joy and sadness with us. Everyone has boxed away memories, whether literal or figurative. It's healthy and helpful to look at them and revel in the full range of feelings. These experiences made us who we are today, and understanding our past is a gift to the present.

    I am moved ...

  8. Liz - Thank you - funny how you remember learning to ride a bike too. And you and I were both subjected to those bad perms back then - dear Lord, what a frizzy mess they made on my fine hair, lol.

    Joyce - I spent a little more time this morning on another stack of photos. I found some of me during various years and will scan them and post them with some stories here in the future.

    I also found photos of all my little furry family members - so good to see those wonderful pets again even if only in a photo.

    I still have stacks more to look at that I took over the years too.

  9. Beautiful, thought provoking post PAD. We all come to a point of viewing our lives from a different perspective when the time comes. Interesting that you tied in period footage of Babs, it speaks of the influences shaping your young life. For me, stacks of vinyl records and young Michael Jackson footage would probably be featured if this was a reminisce of my own life's path since childhood.

  10. Belle - this is how I always think of "Babs" - I imprinted this image of her decades ago and still see her this way in my mind.

    Michael is a good iconic choice but he didn't have a song that fit my mood like this one did. Thriller just didn't work, lol - it's my fav of his still.

  11. That photo is a real treasure! You do look proud of your very own two-wheeler balancing act.
    I have many old black and white photos of my early childhood and know well the feeling you share. Makes me want to run to the photo box and take my own trip down memory lane. Thanks for the memories as Mr. Hope used to say!

  12. Great choice! Over 15 years ago someone gave me a jewelry box that played this song.

  13. Eileen - I'm going to be scanning some more of the photos that came in my stored stuff soon and posting them with stories so stay tuned.

    WhenWhat - I had a music box that played a Monkees song for some odd reason, lol - not the Beatles, the Monkees. I guess my folks figured all "long haired hippie musicians" were the same, hehe.


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