Nostalgic Memories Light The Corners of My Mind

Today's theme for Old School Friday is "My current mood is. . ." which is kind of perfect for me this week because I am awash in nostalgia, memories and bittersweet reminders of my family as I go through photos and family heirlooms I haven't seen in over 12 years. The last time I saw these photos and objects was just after my father passed away. After his funeral I packed up lifetimes of their memories and mine, sold my house and went on the road doing art shows cross country - I put all my sadness and memories in boxes and packed them away.

Above is a photograph of me at about age seven learning how to ride a "big girl" bike. I was quite proud of myself for having mastered the skill and totally unaware that my mother was hanging onto the bike in case I wobbled and tipped over. This photo was taken just before my Mom got pneumonia and almost died. Maybe that is why this photograph is one that I could always see in my mind these last 12 years when I didn't have the actual photos to linger over.

By the way, I've mentioned several times here that I had a goofy haircut as a kid and now you get to see it in all it's dorky glory - those mid brow bangs and the little wonky curls all around. I'd forgotten totally about the plaid pants and maybe I should have been more upset at those, lol.

I am awash in images and memories of Mom, Dad, my sister, my little Shadow, Tink & Petey, friends and loved ones that have left my life but not my heart. I hope you'll forgive my indulgence in some chick flick girl music to accompany my trip down a photographic Memory Lane.

My current mood ranges between sadness at the loss of my family and a kind of aching nostalgia for the memories of our times together. Memories truly are lighting the corners of my mind today.

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