Goodbye Chrysler - We'll remember you fondly


Here in America, much of our pop culture has been centered around cars, travel and our love of the open road. Whether we fondly remember our classic hot rod from the fifties, our magic hippie bus from the sixties or those Starsky/Hutch muscle cars of the seventies, each and every one of us has memories wrapped around the cars of our past. You'll notice that each of my illustrations above for the fifties, sixties and seventies prominently features an icon car of the era - because our cars were a big part of our culture and life.

It seems as though all American cars may become only memories of our past because of the state of the country today. So, in honor of America's Love Affair with Cars I am tipping my hat to Chrysler, Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Buick, Pontiac and all the great names in American automotive history with a few songs, some art and a sad farewell to "American Made" cars.


When I was in high school two of the hottest muscle cars out there were the Dodge Challenger and the Plymouth Barracuda - both Chryslers. When our family needed a new car somehow my brother and I managed to convince Mom and Dad to buy a Barracuda! Ok, it wasn't bright orange, didn't have a 4 on the floor or bucket seats - but it was a Barracuda! We were a cool family - or cooler than those with station wagons!

We were up to that time primarily a Chevrolet family - we had a '55 Bel Air, then a '63 Bel Air. My brother bought a 69 SuperSport and years later I purchased both a Malibu and later a Caprice. We saw the USA in our Chevrolets alright:

Later, when I began to do art shows and needed a van, I switched over to the Chrysler Voyagers. (These were sort of the adult versions of our hippie vans from the sixties though much less colorful!) I ended up buying several of them over the years - they were perfect cars for art shows - small enough to maneuver in the packed lanes but large enough to get a whole 10'x10' booth display and art in. It was practical, comfortable, economical and perfect for my business. Of course, in my heart of hearts all I ever really wanted was a Muscle Car - think Little Old Diva from Pasadena, lol!

I've had many cars over the years - all American made and I am proud that I have always "bought American." Today I still drive American - I have a Ford. We Americans are car lovers, we love the open road and we are a nation on the move. Heck, we invented the car, road trips and roadside attractions. If it wasn't for Henry Ford there wouldn't be a Fiat to buy Chrysler! America invented the car and turned it into a little deuce coupe!

So, join with me today, listen to some more great old American Rock and Roll Car Songs below - Get yourself a Route 66 T-shirt , a Route 66 poster or coffee cup - Grab your keys, crank up the tunes and let's all take one more cruise in our American Hot Rods today.



What cruising songs do you remember, what was your favorite car of all time?Tell me some of your car stories - leave a comment on this post and take a cruise down Memory Lane in your American car with me!

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  1. Ahh, the mystique of Route 66. I'm too young to have been part of it, but I've sure heard about it...

  2. Susan - what I remember the most are the Pecan Pralines from Stuckys and the great roadside attractions designed just to get kids in cars yelling, "Mom, Dad, can we stop and see THAT???", lol.

  3. well, our car is not American made so I cant relate much... :)

    happy Thursday!

  4. I love cars and driving too.
    I've never had an American made car though. Always Japanese. Thanks for sharing...I've enjoyed your post.

  5. Spontaneous roadtrips... something else which could have been on my list. (It is only growing with this TT!)

  6. It's amazing that Chrysler will be altered radically or gone. Sigh. Times are a'changing.

  7. Ugh, that makes me so sad. An Era gone...

  8. yyam - well, foreign or domestic, the road trip is still an American past time!

    Alessia - yeah, the road trip is still something that creates excitement for me even after all these years - just the thought of road food, seeing new things and going places!

    Brenda - yes, that was exactly my feelings - the American landscape will never be the same.

  9. Julie - yup, the end of an era, exactly.

  10. Roadtrips, Stuckey's, Howard Johnson's...all great memories!

  11. Janet - for me add in a Folger's Coffee can as a portapotti and a bratty older brother and it's a family vacation, lol.


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