My 13 Favorite Artists of All Time

My Thursday Thirteen this week?
My top 13 Favorite Artists Who Aren't Me!

Okay, that sounds a little ego-centric but I admire the work of many other artists for various reasons which I won't bore you with here. The top four - Max, Disney, Rockwell and Dali are probably the artists most responsible for my style which is kind of a schizophrenic combination of all of them. And M.C. Escher is a pencil artist extraordinaire - one I would emulate if I had all the time in the world to sketch - I love the mind play of his work and the beauty of his lines.

One of the things I severely lack as an artist is the ability to spend forever on a piece of artwork. I am, for all intents and purposes, kind of a "quick sketch artist". I love to get it down and move on to the next creative thought bubble. So I admire those artists who do things I would like to do but probably never will because of lack of time or patience - one of those things being spending years on one piece of work!
  1. Peter Max
  2. Walt Disney
  3. Norman Rockwell
  4. SalvadorDali
  5. ReneMagritte
  6. M.C.Escher
  7. DongKingman
  8. Joan Miro
  9. Philip Pearlstein
  10. Max Ernst
  11. Leonardo Da Vinci
  12. Wayne Thiebaud
  13. Andy Warhol
Who's your favorite artist?
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  1. I see we both love Miro. My other favorites? Monet, Matisse, Van Gogh, and Lautrec. Like some Gauguin but not everything.

  2. I love Monet and his technique for capturing light. There's an art school near Sacramento called the School of Light & Color. Artists who study there are taught similar techniques. Their gallery is heaven! I saw the traveling Monet exhibit in Chicago in 1990, where pieces were on loan from around the world and displayed together. It allowed a view of several subjects, such as his haystacks and cathedrals, in an array of lighting from early dawn to dusk. Unforgettable!

  3. Of course you love Peter Max! haha! I thought I was the only person who even remembered him! Hey, did you know that Escher didn't consider himself an artist? he was a mathematician! (The guy was nuts! LOL) Great list!
    I'm up at both EW, with13 ways to Manifest Abundance and Thornesworld with

    another gardening fever TT with lotsa links!

  4. I too love Disney....and now-a-days, everyone that works and draws for the same! In fact, when it comes to animated movies by Disney, that is the reason I go to watch them....the art work!!!

    My 13 is up now, if you'd like to take a break from your everyday chores...come on over for a visit, and have a great Thursday.

  5. Melodieann - Van Gogh wavered there but in the end I had to add one of my very favorite fellow illustrators from the 70s, Rowena. Her work is incredible. I could also have added Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo.

    Joyce - this is not my full list by any means - just the top 13 that I loved and that had influence on my work one way or another - I could go on and on.

    Thornesworld - I had forgotten that about Escher but it does make sense to me, his drawings were so precise! I think that's what fascinated me.

    Hootin' Anni - When I was a kid the Disney films kept me riveted - not on the characters but on those rich and beautiful watercolor backgrounds. To this day I think that's what made me start with watercolor after I let go of my crayons!

  6. Rockwell, definitely a classic. Love your art as well, Diva. It's always interesting visiting your page. Happy T13!

  7. I love that art is subjective and that we all can love such a variety

    I love Disney and Monet

  8. Adelle - Rockwell was not considered a "real" artist by the "art community" of his day. He used projectors and other illustrator's techniques that were considered "cheating" by the so-called art "critics" - Phooey on them! The man was not only skilled technically he had his finger on the pulse of Americana and is now, rightly, highly respected and admired.
    He was the reason I chose to be a "commercial" artist as opposed to a "fine" artist.
    To me art is still art - created for a commercial purpose or not.

  9. Marcia - I agree, that's what makes art such a wonderful profession too. I love doing many different types of art and using many mediums, it's a shame that the "art world" wants to pigeon-hole every artist into one style. I think that's why I love the internet - I can do any kind of art I want! There is room for type of art because there is an audience for all types of art.

  10. Interesting -- I never would have thought to put Disney in a list of artists, but I guess that's a good place for him.

    I posted a TT also. Feel free to drop by and enter my contest while you're visiting. Thanks.

  11. Rockwell is one of my favorite artist of all times. I remember seeing his art as a child and being impressed by its simplicity, yet complexity (am I making sense?). Anyhow it was not until I was an adult that I realized his cultural relevance and awareness. He captured so many emotions and was actually measuring the pulse of the nation during different eras (the picture of Ruby Bridges being escorted comes to mind). I miss him and wonder what he would be drawing today :-)

  12. Boy, I don't know.. I don't know... Do I have to choose????

    I'm very partial to all of the impressionists - mostly because I love Paris. I also love Picasso's early work and Degas sculpture and... sigh...

    do I have to pick??

  13. Escher is cool. We recently went to an exhibition where they actually built Leonardo's machines according to his drawings. They looked awesome, absolutely beautiful. Happy TT!

  14. Pjazzy - It would be interesting to see what Rockwell would be painting of today's world, wouldn't it?

    Claudia - you do not have to choose! We love different artists for different reasons which made narrowing my choices down to 13 was a difficult task for me too.

    Rikki - I want to see that exhibit!

  15. Monet is my favorite. I definitely am with you #2,#3,#6, and #13 though.

    I also consider photography art and am a huge Ansel Adams fan.

  16. I feel for you.


    At lest it wears off in a few hours.

  17. Alice - I'm not only drooling from the dentist - my blood pressure went through the roof too!

    Drool, slobber, slurp, kaboom.


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