Retro songs with the word HEART - Nostalgia 4 OSF!

Today's Old School Friday is I HEART Music, which I take as a request for songs with the word Heart in them so, in my true retro-nostalgia style I give you my favorite songs with the word HEART in them:

Elvis Presley - HEARTbreak Hotel:

Tony Bennett, I left my HEART in San Francisco (with Judy Garland):

And last - of course - A Dream is Wish Your HEART Makes from Cinderella!

I hope there's a lot of HEART in your Friday!
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  1. I've been wondering how many people will come up with Heartbreak Hotel since various artists have recorded songs with that title. :-)

  2. Shae - a few have already, lol!

  3. I am especially loving the Tony Bennett!
    Heartbreak Hotel by any singer is classic!!

  4. Okay. . .the saw Whitney's and Faith's heartbreak hotel and now I hear Elvis.
    We in my house love Disney.
    These are the most original choices this week.

    Have a good weekend.

  5. I wonder if Tony Bennett's song is the most played ever song with the word heart in the title. Good Choices Diva.

  6. I remembered Elvis, but decided not go that far back. I also remembered Dear Heart, which you may not even remember. It was a favorite of my mother's, but I think it was the Andy Williams version she listened to.

    Enjoyed the visit.

  7. I completely forgot about "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." That was a great choice.

  8. Disney tugged on my *heart* strings. I enjoyed watching the video.

    Happy OSF, Diva.

  9. Verite - I do remember Dear Heart but I remember the Andy Williams version like your Mom, not the Elvis version.

    wheneva - Hard for me to forget I lived in San Francisco - that city still owns my HEART!

    Hagar - I had to stick in a Disney song! Had to!

  10. Sharon - Gotta hear Elvis' Heartbreak - it's the original! I am a Disney fan from way back - thought it would be a little twist to the game!

    Rev - It's certainly the most played song in San Francisco - heart or no heart involved, lol!

  11. I love the Disney. Their collection of love songs always makes me smile.

  12. Kim - yeah, there's a lot of Disney love songs, heart songs were a bit harder to find.

    My favorite song of all time? When You Wish Upon A Star sung by Jiminy!

  13. Aww...the Disney song got me!

    Love the Elvis too!

    Great choices!

  14. I must say, I was DEFINITELY expecting some Elvis from you!...lol And only you would leave us with a dose of Disney!

    Happy OSF!!

  15. SoulAfrodisiac - okay, that's it! I will leave Elvis alone for a while LOL!

    Nope, probably not - and it was a Heart song!

    Glad you liked the Disney addition - you know me, gotta get in my tribute to Walt, lol.


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