On the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 our country looks back at the most horrific event in our history. We have been at war, we have suffered economic depressions and catastrophic natural events, we have seen beloved leaders assassinated and we have even been attacked on our own soil before at Pearl Harbor*; however, never have we experienced such a devastating, world shaking event as that unprovoked attack on non-military American citizens simply going about their daily lives in their home territory.

America and Americans have never been the same since, something in us crumbled to the ground with the Twin Towers, Flight 93 and parts of the Pentagon. In the ten years since the events of 9-11 we have entered into times of fear for our personal safety, fear for our economic security and fear for our future.

Fear breeds mistrust, mistrust breeds war and we are a now country at war with itself.  Politicians, pundits and self proclaimed experts fill our news with their opposing views, friends and family argue, heated debates ensue and find no common ground on any issue.  There is no value in being right, there is no safety in division and there is no profit in winning the debate if the war is lost.

We are at a crossroads in our nation and it is time for all sides to compromise.  Our leaders must put their silly tea party dishes away, pundits should shove their egos in a dark closet, politicians and citizens alike must stop making speeches and start working together.  It is time to remember who we are.

We, the people, are all Americans and we are the heart of our nation. No politician can vote our heart away without our permission. No enemy can take our heart unless we give it up. We cannot lose our heart if we stand up to the fear.

In this time of remembrance, in this time of great trial, we must look into our heart and draw from it the courage to go on, the forgiveness to move on, the hope to recover, the compassion to care, and the resolve to be vigilant Americans.

May our memories of 9/11 serve to unite and mend our country. May we take our resolve and wield it to bring prosperity and peace.

Never Forget but Always Remember.

*At the time of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was not a state but it was a U.S. Territory.


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