My New BUTTERFLY POP ART and Some Thoughts on Inspiration

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Inspiration is a funny thing.  It can strike at any time of the day or night and at the oddest times as well.  Often I don't know what has inspired me and, frankly, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about it.  The inspiration gets crowded out by the creative drive and that's okay by me.  After all, it's done it's job and inspired me, it can take a break until I'm done - though it usually doesn't, bringing me even more ideas while I'm working on the current inspiration.

Such was the case with my BUTTERFLY POP ART.  While I was working on my Retro Pop Art Sixties Sky I included some butterfly silhouttes on some of the bubbles.  I was trying to put some detail in them but it was design overkill - they needed to be simple outlines - but that was the precursor to a full butterfly pop art.  I made a sticky note to do a pop art butterfly and went back to finish my pop art sky piece.

This week I'm finishing up the final pages on my new website for TheMartiniDiva.Com and found a need for that butterfly art.  I was designing the web section for my Spring themed martinis which are on recipe cards with a butterfly background and I realized it would be a great time to do the butterfly art and products so I could cross promote them on those Spring martini pages.

I did the image in several formats for the different merchandise my art is featured on and I leave my working layers for any licensing requests with special requirements.  It's always good to have options available on your designs for other uses.  I've even begun to turn my designs into multiple image formats for fabrics - I use these on my Keds sneakers and would love to see them on some cool shirts and pajamas.  How cool would it be to have my art on shirts to match my sneakers or some comfy pajamas?

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