The Psychedelic Light Show of the 21st Century

Tie Dye VizLoop Active Light Show

In the sixties psychedelic light shows were everywhere. No party, gathering or concert was complete without one. In those days we had to rely on stage magic, black lights, disco balls with colored lights aimed at them and lava lamps for our visual experience.

Not anymore. Thanks to modern technology and one man's truly innovative and creative mind, anyone can have their own personal high definition light show at the click of a mouse or flick of a finger.

My friend, Brad, has created these wonderful animations called VizLoops - Active Art that will "turn your music on." The cool thing is they work with any and all of your music. Don't ask me how it works, Brad explained it to me and the explanation went so far over my head it needed an astronaut not a pilot! All I know is it does work and it will blow your mind - VizLoops are like a computer animated kaleidoscope on acid or valium depending on what music you're playing!

You can play these animations along with your own music and they sync together. Try it yourself - turn the sound off on any of these test drives and turn on some of your own music and watch for a few seconds. You'll start to see the animation picking up the rhythm and beat of the sound. Brad calls it "PsychoSync" - your mind will synchronize the visuals with the sounds, it's absolutely amazing. I remember watching several of these on his humongous flat screen monitor last year and I would sit there glued to the screen.

Can you imagine how cool a party would be with these playing on your hi-def TVs? You could also have them playing on every computer monitor in the house at the same time. Imagine all the lights dimmed and these playing with your party music. It would be an amazing experience.

If you think you've seen some cool computer light shows, think again. These are light years beyond anything else out there. Brad's VizLoops are complex, fluid and visually stunning. Here's The Story of the VizLoop Birth.

Brad has 14 up so far, each with it's own unique dynamic. So far my favorites are:

Lubralicious - this one is almost a meditation session!

Then there's Bubbleheart with the morphing hearts:

And ChromaSutra - I love the pun on Kama Sutra almost as much as the VizLoop:

Check out Brad's website:
VizLoops from eyetrix
for the other VizLoop Light Shows and to purchase one for yourself - they are only $2.99 for a widescreen HD experience!

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