SEX and the CITY - My, How Times Have Changed!

Every time I watched an episode of 'SEX and the CITY' on HBO I always came away laughing and shocked. Laughing because the show was funny and a slice of a single woman's life. Shocked because I grew up in an era where the language and sexual freedom of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda would have almost had them wearing a scarlet "A" on their chests instead of a pair of scarlet souled Jimmy Choos!

It's amazing to me how the world has changed for women, not to mention their wardrobes, in my lifetime. I was born in 1951, spent my childhood in that very conservative, sexually repressed decade and came of age in the world changing sixties. Had I been born a decade or so earlier or later I don't even know who I would have become.

It's hard for me to imagine myself as a contented housewife wearing drab shirtwaist dresses and acceptable pearls like June Cleaver. But it's also hard to see myself in Samantha's wild and sexual, naked-toed Jimmy Choos. I think I'm a cross-dresser between Carrie's creatively independent Manolo Blahniks and Charlotte's naive and conservative Ferragamo pumps with a pinch of Miranda's dry, cynical Gucci tennis shoes tossed into the mix. The funny thing is I find Samantha to be my favorite character on 'SEX and the CITY" and her close to street-walker clothing to be somewhat appealing. There is something to be said for the total freedom Samantha represents.

But I am still a child of the fifties, a young woman who grew up fighting the establishment, fashion and authoritarian, to make my own place in the world. I carry a lot of Fendi baggage from the eras in which I spent my formative years and I'm not quite able to hurdle that last bastion of repression that was pounded into my fertile little female brain as a child.

But I am going to see "SEX and the CITY 2" today. Just like I saw every episode (twice at least by this time) and just like I saw the first movie - twice. Because, even though I'm not quite at the Samantha stiletto stage, I've eased nicely into a Carrie five-inch heel niche over the years. I'm going to go see "SEX and the CITY 2", bask in their friendship, laugh at their sexually suggestive "bon mots" and revel in their freedom to be who they are.

And I'm going to have a few Pink Flirtinis and some excellent New York City style nosh at a chic bistro after with a BFF - because that's just how those "SEX and the CITY" girls roll.

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