Those long ago Christmas Days

Written in loving memory of my family

Long ago and far away, I loved to wake up on Christmas Day.
My heart would leap, then skip a beat and down the stairs my feet would leap.

Upon my fast landing, Kerplump, off the banister,
The sight that would greet me brought much joy and laughter.

For there, yes, there! Right in front of my eyes
Was a glorious, glowing Red and Green surprise!

A towering tree just glowing with light,
And piles of presents! What a glorious sight!

And next to the tree sat a glass, half empty
and some crumbs on a plate. Yes, Santa’d had plenty!

Then behind me I’d hear my siblings come pounding.
“Mom, Dad, Hurry! Come here! Santa’s come!” they’d be shouting.

So, sleepy and yawning, Mom and Dad would come down
While our little dog followed in leaps and with bounds.

When we were all gathered and the coffee was ready,
We passed out the gifts, singing Christmas songs (badly!)

Then in we did dive, grabbing box upon box,
Ripping paper and ribbons, saying, “I hope it’s not socks!”

Then later would come turkey dinner at five
With my favorite part, Mom’s homemade Pumpkin Pie!

Thus went my Christmas for years and for years.
Now, when I remember, I remember in tears.

For gone are my parents, those siblings, doggy friends,
And alone I remember these memories of them.

Yes, I remember the sounds of Mom cooking all night,
The smell of the turkey and the smell of Dad’s pipe.

I remember the laughter, the joy and the fun,
I remember my family as Christmas time comes.