There's Only One Fruitcake In The World

Many eons ago, some fool made a cake,
A hard, dry clump, that poor person did bake.
It's taste was strange and dry on the tongue,
And those hard dried fruits were truly no fun.

It was sent as a present, wrapped cheery and gay,
to an innocent person on that first Christmas Day.
Upon the first bite, their teeth cracked and fell
and that single fruitcake entered regifting hell.

So now it gets rewrapped in bright, pretty paper
Shipped out over and over in the "Regifting" caper.
So if you should see, in your mailbox some year,
A lumpy rectangle, start running in fear!

For you've been assaulted by the famous Fruitcake
that horrible brick some idiot did bake.
So, lock up your mailbox and leave for the season,
The dreaded Fruitcake is good enough reason!

(TeeHee) Poem Copyright 2007 by PopArtDiva.com