So, are you a Coke or a Pepsi person? Or are you too edgy and you gotta have an RC Cola? Do you argue over which one is better or which one has the best diet formula? Do you have to try every new flavor that comes up the pipe? Tempura Pepsi - for those of you who like a little fat with your sugar! Did you know that at the Coke store in Vegas (yes, they have stores!) you can taste different sodas from around the world? And trust me, some of them are wild rides for the taste buds.

And when you ask for a cola, don't you always say Coke? Woohoo for the best branding ever. We have become a "pop" culture. I don't drink water, tea or coffee all day but I always have my "bah" full of Pepsi. (Yes, I am a Pepsi drinker - not a Coke fan - Okay Pepsi , send me lots of money for the plug so I can buy more Pepsi!) I'm a Pepsi fan but I still find myself asking for a Coke when I go out to eat. I'm happier when it's actually a Pepsi, but I will drink a Coke if given no alternative. Of course, Coke was the first and it was originally developed as a medicine!!! Yup, check it out. My mother used to give us Coca Cola syrup for upset stomachs - to this day I want a coke when my stomach hurts.

And when did it stop being Coca Cola and just become Coke? I seem to remember the big debate over that and the bruhaha over changing the formula. I do remember that at one time I liked Coca Cola better than I do now and it wasn't Coke then. But maybe I just liked anything with lots of sugar - I think I was around 12.

Is it "pop" or is it "soda" or is it "soda pop"? Depends on which part of the country you're from.

I wonder how the pioneers survived without artificially flavored caffeine and sugar?? Those poor people - living without electricity or running water is nothing to not having a nice cold Coca Cola in hand after a hard day of plowing.

Yes, we are a Pepsi Generation, we know The Real Thing when we see it, and we can Teach The World To Sing because we're all so hyped up on sugar!