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Today's Question, Question #3 (of 5 questions) is trivia on John "The Duke" Wayne and Grauman's Chinese Theater.

What is special about John Wayne's footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater?

HINT: You can find all the CORRECT ANSWERS at PopArtDiva.com - Check out the Trivia in the Tributes Section! Follow @PopArtDiva for Updates!

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1. This is a five question contest.
2. The questions will be posted from Monday, January 18th through January 22nd right here at The PopArtDiva Retro Blog.
3. You must answer ALL QUESTIONS (# 1 through #5) and ALL PARTS of the questions IN FULL.
4. My questions are based on the trivia I have posted in the Tributes Section of PopArtDiva.com (how's that for a good hint?), therefore, THE WINNING ANSWERS MUST match the trivia posted on PopArtDiva.com even in the event that my trivia facts/answers are not correct and can be proven incorrect.
5. The first person to e-mail me the CORRECT ANSWERS* IN FULL to: DKNYcontest@PopArtDiva.com will be declared the winner. I will pick the winning e-mail by the date stamp on the e-mail.

6. Send your e-mails in - ONE E-MAIL PLEASE - BEFORE THE DEADLINE of January 23rd, 8:00 A.M. PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, United States.

7. You MUST PROVIDE ON THE E-MAIL: your return e-mail address, a phone number to reach you in case of shipping problems, and your shipping address where you want to receive the prize on your e-mail, (NO P.O. BOXES as this might be shipped UPS. - I will not share your personal information with anyone.)
8. The Winner will be announced by January 24th, 5:00 P.M.
9. The prize will be shipped no later than the following Friday, January 29th, 2010.

(All dates are 2010 and subject to me being physically able to carry out all the elements - hey, I'm only one person so bear with me if I break a leg or something okay?)


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