13 Things I love about HALLOWEEN

On October 1st I get out my purple and orange twinkle lights, my jack-o-lanterns and witch decorations and my Halloween spirit. So, since today is October 1st I'm doing my Thursday Thirteen on Halloween!

  • Candy - I especially love those peanut butter and molasses kisses that come wrapped in black and orange wax paper - you know the ones that pull out your fillings? Love 'em!
  • I love the fact that Halloween comes at my favorite time of year - Fall. I love the crisp air, cooler days and cold nights where you finally get to add lots of blankets and feel all safe and secure under that weight!
  • I love the falling leaves and the color of the falling leaves - I even did a Nature Design for my Taking Care of Business Store based on these fall leaves - these are a redhead's palette for sure!
  • I love going into the stores and seeing all the Halloween merchandise - the tacky, paper thin costumes, the aisles and aisles of trick or treat buckets, face paint, fright wigs and talking skeletons.
  • I love Halloween parties - I love the special spooky lighting and fake cobwebs and silly witch decorations.
  • I love fog machines - these come out in large numbers for Halloween - I love fake fog, it's so cool and I can imagine if we'd had that when I was a kid what I could have done with it to add mood to my Halloween parties.
  • I love those cheesy motion activated boo machines and moving spooky figures that really do take you by surprise when you pass by them in a store or on someone's doorstep.
  • I love black and orange jelly beans.
  • I REALLY LOVE POPCORN BALLS! For some reason I only make them at Halloween.
  • I also love caramel apples but I admit I do make those at times other than Halloween - I've even bought those caramel apple charms suckers (which aren't half bad, btw, if they're still out there).
  • I love planning my Halloween costume. Most years I start even before October because my costume is always a big production for me and includes special design and custom sewing.
  • I love getting out my huge box of face paint, rubber appliances (for fake scars, noses, etc), my bottle of gum spirits, my jar of flat bottomed crystals that I glue to my face each year, my hair tinting sprays - the whole "transformation tricks" box.
  • I love that for one night I get to be a completely different entity - whatever I've chosen that year is who I am until the Witching Hour and it's always a treat to leave boring old me behind for a few magic hours of make believe.



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  1. Oh, man. I can't believe it's time to think about Halloween. Wasn't the pool open yesterday?

  2. Susan - yeah, it was still nearly 100 here last week! But there it is - it's dropped 20 degrees by day and it's actually darn cold at night.

  3. I LOVE your list!!! OOooooh Halloween :-)

  4. Janet - yeah, I'm a Halloween fan too.

  5. We can all be kids at Halloween. :o

  6. Elizabeth - maybe that's what I love about Halloween - the chance to be a kid again.

  7. You, my friend, are definitely THE QUEEN of Halloween! What I would give to ring your doorbell and see you all decked out in your finest and most frightening look! I'd even forego the candy just to revel in your scary splendor! Go get 'em!!! And, don't worry, it's never to early to think about that great holiday!

  8. Eileen - thanks, I actually start planning for Halloween in mid summer sometimes, lol.

  9. I love Halloween, I love fall and I love those candies that pull out your fillings! great post!

  10. Ryz - thanks, I've got my purple and orange twinkle lights on and my pumpkins glowing right now - now all I need are a couple of Pumpkin Pie Martinis and it's a perfect fall evening!

  11. I'm not real big on the tacky, paper-thin costumes, which probably has a lot to do with my making all our costumes.

  12. Alice - Yeah, those cheapy store costumes were always cheezy - plus they were always synthetic and could make you sweat like a mad man!

    I was lucky, like your kids, I had a Mom that sewed and had some great costumes over the years though my favorite was this Bunny Suit with Matching Costume for my Doll, it was the cutest costume ever and I still have the one made for the doll!


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