IN THE MOD MILK MODE - Retro Sixties Ads Pave the Future?

Sorry, a little late today with my post - I couldn't turn on my laptop this morning! After freaking out for an hour I turned it upside down and burped it and - voila - on button working again! Whew!

Anyway, thanks to one of my Twitter friends I came across this fun commercial from the sixties featuring models/actresses in the mod mode - anyone else see the precursor to the "Got Milk" ads here?

Thanks, @FrankAdman for the cool link - you da man!

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  1. Elizabeth - I know, talk about brainwashing young girls - no wonder I felt ugly, not blond, not tall, never had a milk mustache, lol!

  2. LOL! That's great. Brainwashing young girls indeed! And yes, definitely the inspiration for the "Got Milk" campaign. Nice find.

  3. Spotted - no wonder we baby boomers have issues, lol! I never looked like that!

  4. Oh my! I was torn between just laughing and being offended. The gril peeking out from all around the chair just made me laugh.

  5. Debbie - I know, lol! Just think - that was the kind of crap we young ladies were subjected to constantly in the fifties, sixties and even into the seventies!

  6. Melanie8:44 AM

    You're kidding on the being offended part, right? Its really not much different today, just a little more politically correct, which actually makes it much worse. As if people feel gorgeous today in contrast. Not.

  7. Melanie - I agree it hasn't changed much in today's world, it's just gone underground and harder to ferret out!
    Thanks for your comment.


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