When You Wish Upon A Star - Anything Your Heart Desires Will Come To You

Today's theme for Old School Friday is "My Theme Song". Many of you can probably guess what mine is if you've been reading this blog for a while since I've posted it and mentioned it time and again. But for those of you who don't have a clue:

Here's the classic - Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio:

Here's the Glenn Miller version - Big Band music and my song, can't beat it:

Julie Andrews at the 1971 Grand Opening of Disney World in Florida:

Linda Ronstadt's version:

Even Billy Joel has recorded it - this is a great video with a cartoon Billy Joel singing to the Disney characters but embedding was disabled.

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  1. I'm partial to Jimminy Cricket's version (did i spell his name right?) because I remember feeling all gushy inside when he sang it when I was a kid. But all versions are wonderful. Really wonderful. Words to live by, aren't they?

  2. Elizabeth - one M in Jiminy. Yes, it's my favorite of all time still.

  3. "When You Wish Upon a Star" still give me goose bumps!
    And I still believe it. In fact, it's the principle behind The Secret and other philosophies that tell us our thoughts are powerful and we get what we focus on.
    Thanks for that musical reminder, I'll be singing it to myself all day!

  4. Reggie Jones III12:59 PM

    The Miller version - excellent introduction, sweet arrangement made all the more amazing by the fact that a lot of the Miller recordings were done with very little rehearsal and the guys were seeing the music for the first time at the recording session. Ray Eberle - for a guy who is about 20/21 years old in 1940, who turns in a pretty good job, even the the arrangement rerquires he sing near the very top of his vocal range. He hangs in there!

    Lovely song,

  5. Eileen - it struck me too that my childhood song was trying to tell me "the secret" many decades ago!

    Reggie - wow, thanks for stopping by with all the great info - you're welcome to come by and teach us more anytime!!!

  6. Reggie Jones III7:14 PM

    Pop Art Diva!

    My pleasure.
    Sorry about the typos.
    I use Goodle Alert for Glenn Miller, so if you mention Glenn Miller, I'll stop by.


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Reggie - You'll enjoy this post I did then maybe too:

    lots of Glenn Miller there!

    BTW - no worries about the typos, lol!

  9. I'm a Disney Freak, so I love this!

    Great choice...


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