The Soda Jerk and the local Drugstore Fountain

I found this really great commercial for Coca Cola from 1954. I was three years old when this ad aired on television, hehe. But what I really enjoyed was seeing the old soda fountain machine - remember those?

Once upon a time this was how we got all our soda pop. Growing up my family did not keep soda in the house - it was considered a treat and when we did have one it was usually at the five & dime, dispensed from a machine just like the one in this commercial. Often we got to order cherry cokes or vanilla cokes and even chocolate cokes - the "soda jerk" would simply add some of those flavored syrups in with the coke syrup! And yes, I did say "soda jerk" because that is what the person behind the soda fountain was called! (Click here for some great history on the term "soda jerk")

I still think those soft drinks tasted better than the ones we drink today in bottles and cans, how about you? And what was your favorite flavor to add to your coke?

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