The Music of Family - This was my Heart & Soul

This weeks Old School Friday theme is "keep it in the family" and the first song that came into my mind was one that every one of us kids - my older sister, Patti, my older brother, Butthead and myself - learned as our first song on the piano. Even without piano lessons some kids could play this song, along with Chopsticks.

My Mom gave us all piano lessons - I took piano for eight years and it helped me with the flute and the guitar when I decided to learn those instruments. When Mom was in her late 70s, a year or so after her stroke, it finally dawned on me that she had probably always wanted to play herself so I hired a piano teacher to come to the house and give her lessons. One of the first things she played all the way through was "Heart and Soul".

I found this fun version of Heart and Soul played and sung by HUGH LAURIE and Geena Davis from Stuart Little.

How funny, I hadn't thought of either of these songs until I read this theme and now I can't get Heart and Soul out of my head. But I did manage to find a great Hoagy Carmichael version that should make it much easier for me to have this drumming through my head for the rest of the day. And I kind of wish I still had Mom's piano too.

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  1. Ah, the sibling piano lessons--I remember them well. LOL DO you still play? I wish I had stuck with my lessons. But I was too anxious to play "real songs" instead of the scales my mother was intent on teaching us. Well, I guess it's never too late...

    Happy OSF!

  2. PPR - I probably could with a refresher course. I haven't had access to a piano since my Mom passed away.

    Funny, I hated it then but I think I would enjoy it now - ah, kids, never realize things til it's too late, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Cool choice Diva! You doesn't love Stuart Little. What are you up to these days. I hope everything is going well for you out in Cali.

  4. I had forgotten that Hugh Laurie was in Stuart Little, a sweet scene, and Heart and Soul was a nice twist, going with a song we associated with family and friend gatherings, fun on the piano. :-) Happy OSF!

  5. Wow, I know you had to dig deep to find that! Hugh Laurie - with a clean face?! Unbelievable! LOL!
    I wanted to play piano at one point but then realized I did not have the patience for it!

  6. Pjazzy- Nice to see you here again! Things are copacetic in Cali.

    Verite - I must have seen Stuart Little way before House - I don't remember him in it at all! And what a geek he was, lol. Cute little song though.

    Regina - hey, I just searched for Heart and Soul for that Hugh Laurie one. The actual piano player was the hard one to find. Yes, I'm sure without my Mom's insistence I would never have made 8 years of lessons.

  7. This is a great take on the theme. I don't think ever heard the words to that song.

    P.S. I love Stuart Little!

  8. Happy WW! I forgot that Hugh Laurie was in Stuart Little ... how weird to see him clean-shaven. I also remember the piano lessons from back in the day. My brother took to it the best. His nickname became 'Schroeder' (the Charlie Brown piano-playing man that Lucy had such a big crush on).

    I invite your blog readers to 'keep it in the family' with the sitcom family from Good Times. Can you say Dy...No....Mite!

    peace, Villager

  9. Sweet interpretation of the theme. I love how you do this.

    This brought to mind my sister's piano lessons and all the kids had to go with her.

    Happy OSF

  10. Villager - I think we all forgot that Hugh Laurie was in Stuart Little - and could shave!

    HagarsD - Thank you, it's all about the retro and family today and pounding at the keyboards of life.

  11. Wow! What a fabulous post! As a piano player myself, "Heart & Soul" is one of the few things I can sort of play by ear. You made me appreciate how singable, simple, but "riffable" it is. I'm a huge Hugh Laurie fan, never saw Stuart Little--didn't even know he was in it. Add to movie list! Of course, now I'll have a Heart 'n' Soul "earworm" all day, too, but worth it. Thanks for helping me appreciate the hallmark of a great song--a simple, singable, memorable melody open to interpretation.

    PS - My playing is way rusty. Makes me want to tinkle the ivories, too!

  12. I have ALWAYS wanted to play piano...I even had a cousin that taught but never had the opportunity to get lessons...

    Ah well...

    Great choice!

  13. Joyce - "tinkle the ivories" - haven't heard that term in ages!

    Marvalus - As an adult I now appreciate those piano lessons, but as a kid they were just a chore to me mostly.

    Wheneva - I thought Stuart LIttle was a cute movie too, but honestly I didn't remember that Hugh Laurie was in it, lol!


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