THE DORK, THE DANCE & THE DOWNFALL of my popularity. The Freddy made me a doofus!

Today's theme for the Old School Friday whirl is "Dance for Me". I immediately remembered my first experience with public dancing - it was a totally crushing moment for me. I had just moved from Kansas to California (read this as "dorky Midwestern girl meets kalifornia kool kids") and I was not up to speed on what was "kool" and what wasn't. Add that to the fact that I watched a lot of the British bands on dance shows and here's what you get:

This poor hapless teenybopper:Doing this popularity killing dance (while wearing those awful black horn-rimmed glasses!):

You are now officially given permission to laugh your butt off at me just like everyone else did in that gymnasium back in 1965.

BTW, that's my little kitty, Moki, I'm holding who loved to climb into odd places - but that's a story for another day.

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  1. Oh, the joys of adolescence. lol

  2. Okay, I'm laughing (not at your horn rimmed glasses). This dance is funny. I tried it and I just collapsed in giggles. I needed to release some stress.


    I am not able...

  4. Looks to me like making snow angels standing up--without the snow! Peppy, too. Snarky little adolescents just don't appreciate the true cool of inner spirit. What a blast from the past! I didn't remember Freddie, but I bet he didn't remember me, either. LOL! It could be "the happy dance" from where I sit on the very far side of that most horrible era of my life. Kids that age feel terminally dorky.

  5. Yeah guys - the joys of adolescence - and I'm glad you're all getting a kick out of the story. I can laugh at it now too - but back then it made me want to crawl into a hole, lol.

    And, yes, Soul, I DID! And that's nothing compared to what's coming up, lol!

  6. My, my, my, can I relate! My black, horn rimmed glasses could double for yours, but when I went on to become Junior in HS, I exchanged them for a perky pair of "granny glasses." (Actually, quite similar to the ones I wear now as I'm officially old enough to be a granny!)

    However, the dancing bit was lost on me. I'm sure you achieved a totally far out Freddy but I never got the chance. Being one of the tallest girls in the class and sporting my "four-eyes," opportunities to even make it to the dance floor were few and far between!

  7. Eileen - yup, being tall was a bad thing for young teen girls because the young teen boys hadn't sprouted up and were intimidated by the tall girls!

    I wasn't tall but I managed to darn near ruin my rep for the next five years of school by this little stunt - and I had only my own lack of awareness to blame. You can bet I didn't get asked to dance for a long while after this incident. You and I could have been wallflowers together!

  8. I've never heard of that dance, but you must have looked adorable doing it. Love that pick of you as a teenager, such a beautiful happy smile. Those were simpler times, and I'm really totally sure it was much more fun to be a teenager in the 60's than it is now. I was a teen in 80's and it was fun too, and yes, we all have that dorky debut...luckily mine behind the turntable...

  9. Belle - The Freddy was a total "unsensation" around 1964-65. A one hit wonder of a song and a total dud dance that never caught on - because only dorks like I was attempted it in public, lol.

    Thanks for the nice words about my pic - I'm kind of having fun with the photos since I haven't seen any of them in years.


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