THE DORK, THE DANCE & THE DOWNFALL of my popularity. The Freddy made me a doofus!

Today's theme for the Old School Friday whirl is "Dance for Me". I immediately remembered my first experience with public dancing - it was a totally crushing moment for me. I had just moved from Kansas to California (read this as "dorky Midwestern girl meets kalifornia kool kids") and I was not up to speed on what was "kool" and what wasn't. Add that to the fact that I watched a lot of the British bands on dance shows and here's what you get:

This poor hapless teenybopper:Doing this popularity killing dance (while wearing those awful black horn-rimmed glasses!):

You are now officially given permission to laugh your butt off at me just like everyone else did in that gymnasium back in 1965.

BTW, that's my little kitty, Moki, I'm holding who loved to climb into odd places - but that's a story for another day.

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