RETRO RONALD McDONALD - Clowning Around in the Sixties

We're all familiar with Ronald McDonald as he is now but here's the first couple of commercials with the original Ronald McDonald - you might notice a few little costume changes have occurred. What really got to me was the cup on his nose and that silly McDonald's Meal hat on his head!

Willard Scott claims to have invented the character after his stint as Bozo the Clown and, yes, this is Scott in this first incarnation as the "Hamburger Happy Clown" - minus a few pounds and wrinkles!

Ronald McDonald before the modern day makeover:

and just in case you think that was a joke or Ronald was just having a bad hair and wardrobe day:

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  1. No wonder some kids fear clowns!

  2. Elizabeth - I know! The only clown scarier than this is Pennywise from "IT"! (shudder)

  3. What a hoot! I don't think he's scary. He seems more dorky to me. I think I'm glad he evolved!

  4. Joyce - Yes, dorky is a better description but to a kid too dorky is scary.

    I'm still trying to figure out who thought that cup on the nose was a good idea!

  5. I found your post really interesting, it's amazing how much all this McDonalds industry can last!

  6. popularart - yeah, over a gazillion served, lol!


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