Tip Toe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim - Oh, my ears hurt!

This week's theme for Old School Friday?
"This Song Should Never Have Been Made"
Immediately Tiny Tim came to my mind. Maybe the song wasn't so bad but his version of it has always made me want to squirm and just looking at Tiny Tim made me cringe.

I look back now and see him as "Goth Nerd" - oh, crap that ukulele!

Ladies and Gentlemen - Tiny Tim on Laugh In singing (?) Tip Toe Through The Tulips. You will enjoy seeing Dan Rowan and Dick Martin again but as for Tiny - press play if you dare:

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  1. aaahhhh, yes. I do remember that! Sadly you may be correct, he does beat out David Hasselhoff!
    Great pick!
    Have an awesome weekend.

  2. You can't get much worse than Tiny Tim - even when you try! I never did figure out if he was serious or kidding.

    And remember "Miss Vicki"?

  3. Yeah! You picked the right one. I remember that song and Tiny Tim was everywhere. :-)

    David Hasselhoff, I think I repressed my memories of his singing.

    Good, no, great picks.

    Nordette aka
    New Orleans Literature Examiner

  4. You and my wife chose the same song! You both have great taste in terrible songs! Happy OSF!

  5. Wanted to add that Hasselhoff is in ref to Regina's choice. :-)

  6. Verite - ha, told ya so - LOL. At least Hasselhoff is easier on the eyes and his pitch isn't in the stratosphere! Thanks for stopping by!

    Keith - how funny your wife and I chose Tiny Tim - she must have had some pretty sore ears back in the 60s too, lol.

    Sing it with me now "Tip toe through the tulips with meeeeeeee"

  7. Oh...this is bad.

    I always had a hard time looking at him full on...just a little weird; okay, a lot weird.

  8. Why do I know the lyrics? and why do I spontaneously sing this song sometimes? SMH

  9. MsMarvy - hehehe, he was quite skanky wasn't he?

    Hagar'sD - You spontaneously sing Tip Toe through the tulips??? Are you channeling Miss Vicki or something??

  10. Count me in for Tiny Tim's Tiptoeing as the most ear-cringing song ever recorded. The only image any worse that comes to mind would be Tim trying out for American Idol and watching Simon Cowell chew him up and spit him out. Not to forget, he married Miss Vicki live on nationwide TV. (Anyone remember which show?)

  11. Sadly, Tiny Tim passed away in 1996, but it would have been great fun to see him perform on American Idol.

    He married Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show on December 17th, 1969.

  12. LOLOLOL! What a pick! Golly, he was an odd looking duck, wasn't he.

  13. PR - He was that - but the thing that always bugged me the most was his greasy hair!


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