THURSDAY THIRTEEN - 13 TV Shows I Watch Online!

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When I discovered Hulu.com and Fancast I almost died and went to heaven! You could watch full episodes of television online? And movies too?

This is something I would have loved as a kid - of course as a baby boomer I didn't even have a tv in my room, let alone a computer that played tv and movies! Okay, I'm all for nostalgia and the good old days - BUT THIS MODERN TECHNOLOGY ROCKS when it can bring you TV on your laptop and even your cell phone!

And guess what? You can watch some of your favorite shows from your boomer generation past as well as current hits:
  1. Father Knows Best Episodes
  2. Alias Smith and Jones Episodes
  3. Pink Panther Cartoons
  4. Casper The Friendly Ghost
  5. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  6. Remington Steele with Pierce Brosnon!
  7. BONES
  8. LIFE
  11. MEDIUM
  12. 30 ROCK
  13. And finally, THE ORIGINAL STAR TREK!
Full Episodes of Television at Fancast
TV and Movies at Hulu.Com

AND HOW FUNNY IS THIS COMMERCIAL FOR HULU with ALEC BALDWIN??? OMG - I almost peed my pants laughing:

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  1. omg I totally forgot about Alias Smith and Jones!
    I love Medium and 30 Rock and Heroes...and Lost & 24!

  2. Bones? Gah! A little too realistic for me.

    I'm going to remember Hulu.com though. What a handy site.

  3. I love your idea for your list. I am a huge fan of those old shows and movies. I am going to check those sites out. Happy TT.

  4. Woot! Alias Smith and Jones! Very cool link. Thx!

    Happy TT!

  5. All I can see is Alec Baldwin's brilliant performance in that ad that they premiered during the Superbowl, he is so deliciously evil in that spot! Watch out--he'll getcha!

  6. Janet - so did I until I saw it listed on Hulu - and I'm glad Medium's back. 30 Rock? All I can say is Alec Baldwin rules in that show.

    Alice - oh I love Bones - just close your eyes during the grisly parts or just stare at David Boreanz.

    Karen - Hulu and Fancast are great during non- sweeps months (which seems to be every month now except February and November. . .

    Thornesworld - Thanks, and there's others that are as cool as Alias Smith and Jones

    Elizabeth - I love him in 30-Rock - who knew he was so damn funny? But that commercial, they should make it a series. And don't you just love the alien tentacle coming out to straighten his tie?

  7. I already knew about Hulu but I had never heard of Fancast before! You have just doubled my pleasure, doubled my fun...

    I am currently using Hulu to watch season 1 of Damages, which I only just discovered. I'm hooked.

  8. Nicolas - that's how I got hooked on Damages - watched the entire first season online at Hulu!


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