OLD SCHOOL FRIDAY - It's the Valentine Blues Baby!

When I think blues I think of the great, the inimitable, the one and only Billy Holiday.
When I think Valentine's Day Blues I think My Funny Valentine by Etta James whose whiskey blues voice could turn any funny valentine a little sad.

Please enjoy these two women whose names are synonymous with the Blues and who could sing about love so well they brought tears to your eyes.

This meme was developed by Marvalus View and Mrs. Grapevine The rules are simple: 1. Anyone can participate, any music genre 2. Old School is defined as music created before 1999 3. No offensive music allowed, please use the edited radio version 4. Post a video of your favorite songs to take us back down memory lane 5. Add your name to the meme so that others can check you out 6. Have fun and don't forget to leave comments for other participants Click here to join in the fun!
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  1. Great choices Diva! Have a happy OSF!

  2. Thanks, Pjazzy, you too and Happy Valentines to you and yours!

  3. Good choices. I did Holiday as one of mine but a different song. Etta may be making a comeback to the larger public eye.

  4. I wanted to play Billy Holiday, after all, she's lady sings the blues, but I couldn't find the songs I wanted on youtube.

    I have really come to love Etta James in the last few weeks. I like this song and I appreciate the soulfulness that is Etta..

  5. Vérité Parlant - you think maybe the remarks Etta made about Beyonce at the Inauguration has anything to do with that? Even bad publicity is considered good publicity if it gets you back in the public eye.

    MrsGrapevine - there wasn't a lot of her there most likely due to the era she was from - after all tv was in it's infancy and discrimination kept a lot of great performers off the screen.

  6. Billie AND Etta? Oh now you're just showing off. ;-)

    Fabulous selections. Nice that you tied it into Valentines Day.

  7. Love the Billie, and I also love the Etta even though I am mad at her recent behavior!

  8. Hey Shae - just had to, when I think Blues I can't go there without these two - and for me Valentine's Day and the Blues just seem to go together, lol.

    Regina - I think that these "outbursts" are often just publicity ploys - I'm pretty sure Joaquin Phoenix is in the middle of one right now!

  9. What great representatives you chose for ladies who sang the blues! Valentines Day is the perfect occasion to remember the bittersweet aspects of love and romance and no one sang it better or more truly than Billy Holiday and Etta James.

  10. Thanks Eileen, I'm a big Billie Fan, especially.

  11. Awesome choices! I can hardly listen to Billie without tears...


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