13 Things I Wanted For Christmas When I Was A Kid - Thursday Thirteen

When I was a kid there were a lot of toys out there that I really wanted and never got. Now, don't get me wrong, I had great Christmases and got lots of wonderful presents. But these were ones that I remember wanting almost fifty years later:
  1. CHATTY CATHY- I got a Tiny Tears. Tiny Tears drank a bottle and then peed. That was it. Chatty Cathy talked! Hey, I wanted conversation - not diaper duty!
  2. A CHILD SIZED PLAY KITCHEN - I was a foodie at a very young age. I had dreams of imaginary gourmet food and elegant pint sized dining. Since I didn't get my mini-kitchen I set up a play bar in our basement. I sold Kool-Aid cocktails in my little tin beverage set on my make-shift bar made of table leafs and milk carton boxes. Belly up to the Table Leafs and have a drink!
  3. ROCK 'EM SOCK 'EM ROBOTS - My mother evidently figured little girls didn't want this kind of toy. This meant it was also difficult for me to get the next two toys . . . .
  4. A BASEBALL GLOVE AND REAL BASEBALL - I was a tomboy, I loved Mickey Mantle and I wanted to play ball!
  5. A CAP GUN - which I really wanted because Butthead had one and I needed to defend myself. Plus I loved loud toys.
  6. THE BARBIE DREAM HOUSE - I got the Barbie Car - the peach and turquoise sports car - and I needed a doll house with garage so I could park it inside! BTW, does anyone remember the make of this fifties Barbie car? I'm thinking it was a Corvette but I'm not sure.
  7. A YO-YO - You know I didn't get a yo-yo until I was an adult!!?? I got inspired by Tommy Smother's Yo-Yo Man routines. I loved the Smo-Bros.
  8. A WADING POOL - I had a fondness for water and getting wet. I wasn't greedy, it could have been a baby wading pool! I ended up on a swim team in later years. I was just desperate to get soaked I guess.
  9. A RADIO FLYER WAGON - Again, I guess little girls weren't supposed to want wagons, sigh.
  10. A RAY GUN - I needed it! I was convinced aliens were going to invade my backyard and disintegrate my swing set. I was gonna blast me some little green buggers to smithereens!
  11. A TOY VANITY SET - I wasn't such a tomboy that I didn't want to be pretty. I got a toy typewriter instead which, as it turns out, was a much better toy for encouraging little girls to become something other than a housewife or arm candy. Kudos to you Mom and Dad!
  12. MY VERY OWN FAIRY - Okay, not technically a toy but that didn't stop me from asking Santa and my folks for it for years. Shut up, I had an imagination! Who among you didn't want something that didn't exist at least once as a kid?
  13. A PEDDLE CAR - I so badly wanted one of those little cars that you sat down in and cruised down the street via peddle power! Honest to God, I still want one! Now they've got motorized HummVees and pink dune buggies but I'm into the classics, give me a little blue or red coupe without all the bells and whistles.
TODAY IS THE BIRTHDAY OF MY BELOVED LITTLE SHADOW, my wonderful little Cockapoo who went to the Rainbow Bridge in 1999 - Happy Birthday, my little fuzzbutt. I still miss you every day!
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  1. Noticed your comment about Shadow... we have the poem about Rainbow Bridge on our refrigerator...beautiful.

    I can't remember what I wanted as a kid except a grand piano (ha, yeh right!) and the Barbie house with the elevator... was that the dream house?

  2. Casey - Wow, when I was a kid the Barbie Dream House didn't have an elevator! I don't think it had stairs, lol. Barbie must have teleported to the second floor.

  3. This is awesome, I'm going to sit here and consider my list...

    1. The Barbie Swimming Pool
    2. Brown zipper Boots
    3. A Horse OF COURSE
    4. A puppy, for the horse (yea, right)
    5. cowboy boots
    6. Easy Bake Oven
    7. Lite Brite
    8. A watercolor paint set
    9. A horse
    10. A horse
    11. A horse, who am I kidding, I still want a horse!!!
    12. A pink bike, my mom found a boys bake and painted it pink, but it really wasn't the same.
    13. A HORSE!!!

  4. Gabrielle - lol, a horse, a horse, a horse of course!

    Oh, how sweet of your Mom to paint a bike pink for you though. But I know what you mean, I was stuck with my brother's bike and it just was not the cool girl's bike I wanted plus it had really fat tires which was dweebish in those days. But I realize now that we were not rolling in dough, something I could not comprehend when I was a kid.

  5. Ewwwwwww, Chatty Cathy. I remember that doll and our daughter got it one year for Christmas....by January I was ready to lynch the babe!!

    Come by and visit with me today and check out my thirteen if you have a little time. Happy Thursday.

  6. Hootin'Ani - hahaha, amazing how noisy toys can be so great for kids and so annoying for adults!!

    I'll stop by your TT and comment! Thanks for doing the same here.

  7. The only thing I can really think of is an Easy-bake oven and a Creepy Crawlers maker. Guess my parents were against things powered by light bulb heat!

    My sister & I both got Chatty Cathy dolls - hers had dark hair like her and mine was blonde like me. Hers was in mint condition last time I saw it and wearing her original clothes. Mine is in a homemade dress and her hair is a disaster from me carrying her around by it. Similar comparisons could be made between many things of my sisters and mine - Barbies, records, shoes, clothes, boyfriends... enough said.

  8. Thanks for the comment. The bunny is chocolate. I draw the thing I want on waxpaper with dark chocolate, let it harden then fill in with white chocolate, let it harden, then peel it off and VIOLA! You can do any shape, trees, flowers, baby shower images, polka dots. It's fun, EASY and always looks way more intensive than it is!

  9. Gabrielle - I'm always awed by bakers - I'm a Diva of Tiny Foods, in love with appetizers and finger foods. I've often wanted to extend some of my artistic creativity into baking! Thanks for the tips about making chocolate cake toppers!

  10. Chatty Cathy scared me. I was more of the tom boy too, I got a football. I did have the Barbie town house with the elevator. I did get the yo-yo too. And I had the big Barbie (I think) manequinn head that came with play make-up and hair styling tools. Do you remember that? So much for my career in cosmetology.

  11. I didn't want any of those -- though I did have several cap guns. I did want a pony, and a tractor (a real one, not a toy) but my parents came up with some piddling excuse abut how we lived in a second floor apartment in the middle of London and wouldn't be able to keep them anywhere. Ha!

  12. What a great list. Good memories. Happy TT.

  13. Cindy - lol at Chatty Cathy scaring you - Tiny Tears just made me feel like a hausfrau! You're the second person to mention the Barbie house with an elevator - must have been after my time!

    Nicholas - lol, parents! Didn't they know you could have kept your horse in your room?!!

    Thorne - thanks and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  14. Aw Man! I had the entire Chatty family: Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby, the Chatty twins (a boy and a girl) and Charmin Chatty (with her glasses). You always bring up the good memories for me. Sorry you didn't get to pull the string.

  15. Pjazzy - not only did I not get to pull the string - I was on diaper duty with that darn Tiny Tears until Butthead ran over her with his bike, lol.

    Poor Tiny Tears - she had an obstruction that stopped her piddling after that "accident".

  16. Wow, you brought me back to my childhood! I loved my Chatty Cathy doll and my kids kitchen. Remember the Easy Bake Oven? It baked the cake with a light bulb! A tiny little round cake would come out, fully baked!

  17. The Easy Bake oven was another thing I wanted but never got - I guess my mom didn't want me burning down my play kitchen!

  18. My favorite Christmas was when we didn't have a lot of money and my mom shopped at garages sales all spring and summer.

    I got this organ with legs that screwed on. I loved that organ.

  19. Dancing - isn't it interesting that sometimes we enjoy things that don't cost a fortune???

    Happy Christmas and thanks for stopping by!


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