RETRO COMMERCIALS MONDAY - Andy and Barney and Sanka!

One of the shows I always watched growing up was The Andy Griffith Show. Though I wasn't greatly fond of Andy Griffith and Barney drove me nuts (and still does for some reason) I loved the show! Go figure! Maybe it was Aunt Bee - I did love Aunt Bee, but most likely it was because I was about the same age as Opie (Ron Howard), who I still like and admire to this day as you can see from a past post here.

This video is such a typical exchange, but done as a commericial for Sanka coffee - a coffee powder to which you added hot water for "instant" coffee!

BTW, the first instant coffee was introduced by Nestlé and was called Nescafe! It was created by Nestlé in 1938 in a freeze-dried process when Nestlé was asked by Brazil to help find a solution to their coffee surpluses! Postum? No, folks, Postum was not coffee it was made from bran, wheat, and molasses and developed as a coffee substitute!

There's your little pop culture history on instant coffee, and here's your Monday Retro Commercial starring Don Knotts as Barney Fife and Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor hoping to get you to buy more Sanka:

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  1. Never was a huge Andy Griffith fan. But I remember the first time I knew I was no longer a little girl but all grown up. It was the time when, at a family reunion, I was not told to go play with the kids, but was invited to sit at the kitchen table with the rest of the women and have a cup of Sanka. Boy did you just bring back some memories!

  2. Melodieann - We were a percolated Folgers house when I was growing up and I was drinking real coffee at a pretty young age! We never had instant coffee until some years later - or rather I did - I got some of the Taster's Choice brand and introduced it to my mother. She didn't care for it and drank Folgers brewed all her life.

    Some years later Folgers came out with coffee "bags", like tea bags, and Mom didn't mind those though I find they brewed weak coffee and went back to my percolator, lol.


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