RETRO COMMERCIALS MONDAY - The Polaroid Swinger Camera


Sadly, earlier this year Polaroid announced it would discontinue making instant film, following discontinuation of the instant cameras last year.

It is the end of a photographic era that began in 1948 when Polaroid introduced the first instant photo cameras. It was quite a miracle in the early sixties - I got a Swinger for my 16th birthday and it made my slumber/birthday party a rousing success! The goofy photos a bunch of giggling little teenage girls can think up is a monument to coming of age in America. All for under $20!

I still have those photographs today and they continue to bring a smile to my lips after forty years.

Some years later I got a leather covered SX-70 and continued to mark my life in instant images and photographic memories.

Yes, with digital cameras this seems like atavistic technology but in the days of my youth it was the hottest thing and the fun these cameras and film generated remains a tribute to Polaroid and it's products. Goodbye to a product that was a part of my youth:

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