Thursday Thirteen - 13 Reasons why I love my dog better than most people


I have loved animals since I was a kid. I always had something as a pet, first those little chameleons you got at the circus, then chickens for Easter, then a turtle (named Barbara - why? I have no idea - I couldn't tell it was a girl!), then kittens and the family dog.

As I grew older I got a cockatiel named Tinkerbell, then my wonderful Shadow - a cockapoo, and then I got my little Peter Pan, a male cockatiel to keep Tinkerbell happy. I was awash those days in cocky pets.

The one thing I found was that my pets were always there for me - especially those of the canine persuasion. Dogs truly are the most devoted creatures. Though Tinkerbell was quite affectionate in her own little birdy way.

I now share my home with Pixel, the only family I have left. She is my child, my boon companion and my buddy. I prefer her company to many humans I have encountered and here's why:

  • Pixel, my little 9 pound Yorkipoo, is really adorable - as you can see from her picture. Most people aren't that cute and fuzzy - and if they are fuzzy that is not a positive!
  • Pixel doesn't talk - yes, she "speaks" but she doesn't talk so that means she's not constantly yapping in my ear, droning on about something boring or stupid, unlike a lot of people I've had the displeasure of listening to.
  • Pixel doesn't need a wardrobe, a college fund or a curfew which makes her a lot better than having kids. Though she does have some really cute clothes, she is well behaved and litter box trained and she's always on a leash - by law you probably can't do that with kids.
  • Pixel is trained to get me things and pick up my trash. Yes, I send her for things like my remote control, a pack of cigarettes (stacked nicely on the floor for her to reach), and papers that I tossed at the trash can and missed. If you have a person who does that you have to pay them - a lot! Pixel does it for a cookie!
  • Pixel is smart - she does tricks, learns quickly and is happy to be entertaining. It would be nice to have a husband like, wouldn't it?
  • Pixel keeps my feet warm on cold nights. I guess a person would do that too, but you'd have to have a way bigger bed.
  • Pixel does my dishes. I can put my plate down on the floor and, slurp, in a flash it's completely clean! For some reason I have never managed to talk a human into that. . . .
  • Pixel doesn't take up a lot of room - she's only 9 pounds and most of that is fuzzy, plus she can roll up into a teeny ball about the size of a large cantaloupe. Try doing that with a person - you get jail time smooshing a people into something the size of a melon!
  • Pixel is a good kisser, she's not slobbery at all. I can't say that for 90% of the men I dated.
  • Pixel is polite, she can shake hands, give high five and wave goodbye at the proper times and she doesn't interrupt too much. Try saying that about most of the people you encounter - rudeness is an ever increasing human trait!
  • Pixel likes everyone - really likes everyone. People do a lot of griping about other people.
  • Pixel plays well with others. People go to war.
  • Pixel loves me without comment, without reservation and with no limits. She is always there with a wagging little stumpy tail, a doggy hug and a nice little doggy kiss. People always want you to be what they want you to be - not what you really are.

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