An artistic tribute to my favorite singing cowboy, Roy Rogers. Happy Trails is not for sale, it is a dedication to the King of the Cowboys and his partner and wife, Dale Evans.


I grew up on the Saturday morning serials of the singing cowboys and "B" westerns on TV. In the 1950s I would sit in front of our old black and white TV console, eating my Maypo and watching cartoons and then my favorite cowboys, Roy Rogers, Sky King, Hopalong and the Lone Ranger (and Tonto!) bringing justice to the bad guys. And I always had on my little red cowboy hat and had my cap guns holstered and ready to shoot!

If you enjoy the old westerns, here's almost an hour of a really retro Roy Rogers Movie from 1938, starring Roy and Mary Hart, called "Come On, Rangers", Enjoy!


Today in History:

1953 - Watson and Crick discover the chemical structure of DNA

1983 - The last episode of M.A.S.H. airs.

1984 - Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" wins 8 Grammy Awards

1993 - The beginning of the 51 day standoff between the Branch Davidian's and Federal Agents from the ATF in Waco, Texas