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Birthdays: Dinah Shore, Jimmy Dorsey

In 46 B. C. the first "leap day" was added to the Roman calendar by Julius Caesar

1972 - Hank Aaron becomes the highest paid player in Major League Baseball after signing a $200k deal with the Atlanta Braves.

1940 - Hattie McDaniel becomes the first African-American to win the Oscar (Gone With The Wind, 1936)

Gone With The Wind (GWTW) is one of those movies I watch every year. I read the book every couple of years. I don't know why it never gets old - maybe because the characters are so powerful and the setting so dramatic.

The movie was over 20 years old the first time I saw it on television. I fell madly in love with Rhett, thought Scarlett was a damn fool and decided Ashley was a coward. I haven't changed my mind in over forty years or through multiple viewings of the movie and readings of the book.

I have, however, developed a sneaking admiration for Scarlett as I have aged. No matter what, Scarlett went after what she wanted. That green dress made from her Mother's drapes - how many of us could look that good in a pair of curtains??

Many times I have used her famous phrase "I can't think about that now, I'll think about it tomorrow" to get me through a difficult time. "Fiddle dee dee" is a wonderful and quaint form of verbally stamping your foot and "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" can be used in myriad formats!

There's just something about that rapscallion, Rhett, and the scandalous Scarlett that still speaks to the strumpet in my soul. Hmmm, I feel another GWTW marathon coming up!

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