New! The POP ART HORSE - A Prancing Pony of the Colorful Persuasion

As a teenager in the sixties, I grew up surrounded by the poster art and illustrations of artists like Peter Max, Heinz Edelmann (illustrator of The Beatles Yellow Submarine), Milton Glaser and the like.  Before that, as a crayon addicted kid, I was influenced by Disney cartoons and movies.  Later I fell in love with the surrealists like Dali, Magritte and Ernst, then in college, pop culture artists like Wayne Thiebaud (who, like Dali, once worked for Disney Studios!)

There is something delightful and happy in the sixties art and the Disney renderings which speaks to the child in my soul. The surrealism and the pop culture art, is just a bit this side of normal - much like me.  I can really appreciate melting clocks and gigantic images of gumball machines, cakes and pies as well as the sheer beauty of the gorgeous watercolor backgrounds you used to see in Disney movies.  As for the sixties art, well, it was just all about color and freedom and joy.

In this series of what I call "pop art" for want of a better description I bring the color and joy of the sixties and a little bit of "normal challenged" to normal, everyday things.  If you want sociopolitical art go somewhere else, I'm not into shoving my views down anyone's throat by way of a piece of art.  I just like playing with design and color - and I like to feel happy when I look at my art.

My Pop Art Horse is #5 in my series of Pop Art Objects.  This is a digital work, done in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet and a lot of processor power.  I created an outline of a horse that I liked with some nice movement to the figure then I went in and overlayed classic pop art style imagery to fit the silhouette.

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