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Today would have been the 100th birthday of Lucille Ball and the web is celebrating in true "I Love Lucy" style.  Google has created one of their wonderful Google Doodles in her honor which is a cute vintage television that plays an "I Love Lucy" clip.

I grew up watching the original broadcasts of "I Love Lucy", then continued to watch Lucille Ball's other television shows as well:  The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy and Life With Lucy. Best known for her television roles, Ms. Ball was also in quite a few films and, before the bright red hair and cartoon red lips of her Lucy character, she was quite a beautiful woman. She was often referred to as "The Queen of the B's" as in B films then, later, as The First Lady of Television.

The only movie I remember her in, however, is one she did with her first husband and co-star of "I Love Lucy", Desi Arnaz, called "The Long, Long Trailer".  I suppose that one stuck in my mind because I traveled the United States for over 13 years in a motorhome and could relate to the issues of living on wheels.  The film was directed by Vincent Minelli (father of Liza Minelli)

If you love Lucy and ever get a chance to watch, check it out.

As for "I Love Lucy", I have to say my favorite episode will always be the Vitametavegamine episode:

Happy Birthday, Lucy and thanks for all the laughs!


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