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Pop Art Cowboy Boots Series

As I've mentioned before, I've been a professional artist for quite a long while. Over that time I've done original work in every two dimensional medium and a few three dimensional mediums and I keep photos/copies of almost everything I do. I've also done a lot of different subject matter over the years. This gives me a large library of images that I can draw from for inspiration for new work or to re-purpose in a new design - and I take advantage of that library whenever I can!  I believe in revisiting my body of work to stimulate my imagination and to revisit an old design with a new style for a current series.

When I was going through one of my portfolios (the old fashioned kind with real pages, not digital) I found a series of colorful cowboy boots I'd done for the art shows in the West and Southwest.  They were large, good quality photo reproductions of fun, colorful and stylized cowboy boots with cosmic - landscape backgrounds done as original acrylic paintings on canvas and a even few wooden plates, and they fit right into my current pop art style!

In this case, the reproductions of the boots were of such high quality and large size all I needed to do was scan them in sections - my scanner only takes a standard letter size - then "stitch" the sections together in photoshop.  I did a few little cosmetic changes and I had some cute Pop Art Cowboy Boots for The PopArtDiva Gift Gallery!

The inspiration for the original paintings actually came from some of my own cowboy boots I was wearing at the art shows.  When in Rome. . . . I was in the West so I wore western style clothing to the shows but in my typical bright colors.  I was kind of like a Pop Art Cowgirl for a while.  I was in love with the beautiful and colorful custom boots that were being made for the professional riding circuit - very Las Vegas glitz kind of costumes were part of the costuming for the professional horse circuit.  Some of these boots were and are works of art all on their own and those gorgeous boots inspired this series.

I invite you to Cowgirl or Cowboy Up with the first of my Pop Art Cowboy Boot Series:

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