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Pop Art Cowboy Boots Series - 2

Like Sunrise Sunset, Ya'll, this cowboy boot illustration was part of a series of original acrylic paintings on gallery wrap canvases.  I did this piece a little less realistic than Sunrise Sunset, using more of a pop art, cartoon style on the boot itself.  The background of this piece - as well as the whole series - is a cosmic theme, something you'll notice in much of my work.

I did some science fiction illustration once upon a time and my favorite part was always painting the skies. I've always loved suns, moons and comets and stars and they've shown up as my backgrounds in my work on a regular basis throughout much of my artistic life. (Take a peek at my series of Carousel Horses & Pierrots on my Carousel Corner Store for another example of my use of cosmic backgrounds.) Outer space elements have been a recurring theme in my art no matter what my main subject matter was, I love to use the cosmos as a background.

At the time of the series I was doing art shows mostly in Arizona and New Mexico so I incorporated a little bit of the desert in the background with a couple of Saguaros. When I first went out to the Southwest I thought the landscape had a kind of extraterrestrial look to it. Parts of the desert are very barren with a stark and foreign look that reminded me of some of the sci-fi illustrations I'd done of alien worlds.  With my love of painting space it seemed natural to incorporate that into this series.

This is painting two out of a series of four, so keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks for the last two pop art cowboy boots of the series.

I invite you to Go West with the second design from my Pop Art Cowboy Boot Series:
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