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Yes, I know it's fall, leaves are falling, summer is over and it's time to yank out the winter coats BUT this last week I've been subjected to temperatures more suited to the dog days of summer!  It's been 90 and higher here this last week!  When I was a kid we would call this "Indian Summer" and we loved it but then it didn't hit the 90s!
Since I'm redoing a lot of my recipe cards for TheMartiniDiva.Com's new website it seemed appropriate to redo my Tropical Martini recipes and, of course, I needed a tropical image, which served as my inspiration for this tropical pop art.

I am working on a surf pop art image of a beach and a big wave with palm trees but I wanted something more ocean inspired so I took part of that image - the wave - and started from that point.  I added my favorite sea creatures, the seahorse and the starfish, put in an abstract seaweed background and threw them all "under the sea" surrounded by bubbles of various colors and transparent values.
I was trying to put in dolphins and palm trees as well but realized these needed to be part of my Surf City Pop Art instead so keep an eye out for that one.  I may also use part of this image inside some dolphin silhouettes similar to what I did with my Sixties Style Pop Art and the Pop Art Guitars.   I'm all excited about ocean images now and think it would be fun to do some tropical fish as well.

It may not be particularly seasonal but it's certainly appropriate to the weather this week!  This is a perfect design for anyone who loves the beach, ocean and fanciful little sea creatures.

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